The most popular accounts on Instagram are not by chance. If we analyze what they do or have done in the past, various strategies have been used to quickly recruit their community. Do you have a clear vision of the network that will allow you to reach 1,000, 10,000, or 100,000 Instagram followers?

Difficult to be calm when you do not have in mind the different options at your disposal to gain more followers on your Instagram account. Today, we will discuss the four ways to recruit your Instagram community, often complementary, and practical in the long term.

1: Think about what people want before promoting your products & services

We really think that they must put themselves beyond promoting their products & services to the sharing of useful content I order to stand out on this platform.

This is particularly true for small & medium-sized businesses that need to develop their good image in general and therefore do not have this lever of natural attraction for users, unlike big brands. We will give you a concrete example of a small structure seeking to develop its presence on Instagram.

You could have chosen to use my Instagram account to share photos & videos of yourself, your daily life, and the various training courses that you organize, but you know very well that this interests only very few potential visitors to your profile. Instead of self-centered communication often carried out by professionals of all kinds, you favor your followers by posting content that will be useful to them daily.

2: Extend the time spent by users on content

As per activeig Instagram algorithm is an essential concept to take into account when defining your content calendar. One of the success factors of your presence is the time spent by users on your posts. It is, therefore, essential to ask yourself the following question, what are my opportunities to capture the attention of my followers for longer?

Here are several options:

  • share carousels
  • write long captions to read
  • post videos for up to 60 seconds
  • share Stories incorporating interaction stickers
  • post long videos on IGTV
  • post content that deserves our attention
  • encourage comments on your posts

3: Interact on the content of other users

Do you want us to be interested in what you do? What if you took your time to go and interact on posts from other accounts to get noticed? If the leverage of hashtags is still functional nowadays to promote the discovery of your posts, it should also be seen as an opportunity to be discovered in an ultra-qualified context. Think about the hashtags that your potential customers use in their posts to get in touch with them, either by simply liking their posts or by commenting authentically.

4: Set up targeted advertising campaigns

There are two great tools for setting up advertisements on Instagram:

  • Through the post-boost built into the app
  • via the Facebook Business Manager

Here is the summary of the differences between these two options:

In which cases, is it interesting to set up such actions?

Here are some tips:

  • published content works very organically (free), and you want to give it a boost
  • you have an important announcement to make to your community
  • you want to target visitors to your website to remind you of the existence of your products

Best Time to Get More Post Engagement on Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media apps that allows its user to share photos and videos with an audience, both privately and publicly. Not just this its other features ranging from editing, filter, live engagement and exploring have attracted a wide range of audience quite quickly and they can even like, share and comment on a post. It has gained a lot of fame among people of every age and even celebrities. They enjoy sharing moments of their life with a chosen or wider audience.

Instagram Audience & Engagement

Instagram, however, has become a big platform for its users and a powerful form of media. It’s safe to say that Instagram’s millions of users have made it more than just an app. It has grown tremendously over the years although the content varies. It has become more than just a photo sharing app and is a big platform for influencers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and other artists as they gain an audience or buy real Instagram followers and with time are paid for being on Instagram but for this they need to have a good engagement on Instagram!

Content Creation

If you are an Instagram influencer or want to become one, you probably already know how much content material, what to post and the right way of engaging with the audience means. We will already know how much effort goes into creating the right content that is suitable for your audience but if you are not posting it on the right time, the audience will not even see it. First thing you can do is to test yourself, by posting on different timings of the day and estimate the average time that you got the most likes. Just in case you don’t have enough time, sources or patience, don’t worry.

Best Time to Post

According to resources, the best time to post on Instagram is between 2 PM to 3 PM, because most people are free at this time. Other than this you can choose a time from early morning, preferably 6-8 AM as it is the time when everyone checks their phone right after waking up. Time between 11Am – 2Am is also suitable, because users tend to browse through Instagram as they take a break from their busy schedule. These hours go for weekdays but what about weekends! Of Course, weekends are the best days to catch an audience but choosing early morning for weekends is a Big No! 11 Am however is the best time for weekends when people are highly likely to be active.

Every brand’s audience varies. Maybe a tech company’s audience is more active in the evening and an Instagram blogger’s audience is more active in the morning. For this reason, you need to plan your time accordingly, with the help of given data. If you’re still worried because of lack of support just know Instagram only shows your content to the 10% of your audience. To increase engagement is other ways try to be more active on Instagram, use all its features specifically IGTV, Live video, post photos and videos more often. This will allow Instagram to favor you and help you grow big!


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