Seven surefire ways to get more Instagram followers in 2020

Do you have a product, and you know how unique it is? But the problem is if you are the only one who knows its uniqueness and awesomeness. How can you market it to an international audience? How can you compete with brands that have developed a brand loyalty and covered the needs of a significant proportion of your target market! The power of social media is the only legitimate way to take you from zero to hero. Instagram is the app that has been used by 1 billion people every month and over 75% of US brands use Instagram for growth. Compared to a year back, it was not as straightforward to get followers. Fortunately, we know how to show off your brand and get more followers and engagement.

Here are sneaky ways to reach your target audience so that you can put your brand in front of the audience that is more likely to be interested in your offerings.

Work with micro-influencers

Instagram is the second most used app in the Apple AppStore and it is the fastest growing platform in the Canada and if you want to scale up your business, then partnering with the micro-influencer is by far the best method. An active influencer campaign is vital to drive more followers to your accout. Not go for the short term relations instead build long term partnerships with micro-influencers and we bet you’d always appreciate your decision of investing in influencers.

Longer and reader-engaging captions

Let your audience in by writing more extended and reader engaging captions. It was a time when instagram was all about cohesive aesthatics and high quality image yet the trend has transformed in 2020. People are more likely to know more about your brand and your mission. It is great to have an approximate length of caption of 406 characters or 70 words – as posts with longer captions bring more engagement than the posts without caption.

Make your Instagram profile like a homepage

Over 35% of Americans use Instagram and it is also the most popular social networking site among US teens and when you want to get maximum out of the platform, it is necessary to see how your profile looks like as a whole. You must entice people and make them to hit the follow button with gorgeous Instagram aesthetics and that is only possible when you invest time on your profile and treat it like your homepage. Whenever a person lands on your Instagram profile, he can decide in seconds whether your account worths following or not. Therefore, it is crucial to convert a visitor to followers with quality content, unique captions and a consistent editing style.

Post more videos on feeds

In terms of gender 52% female and 48%, males use Instagram, and Instagram potential advertising has crossed 849 million users and the popularity of the site is going to escalate in years to come. And do you know Instagram algorithem has declared videos as the future of Instagram and IGTV videos are driving some excellent real business results! Video content is more likely to get more traction, engagement, which eventually results in more followers.

Share more selfies

No dubious Instagram is the social place and people use it so they can relate it to. And it is critical to keep your brand personable and relatable and show off the transparency and let the audience know what your brand is all about. You may be surprised to know that pictures with faces bring over 38% more engagement and it is the most significant trend to get more Instagram followers. The best way to show off your brand is through video. Simply, set the tone, and share some behind the scenes photos or the core qualities that set your business apart.

Create branded hashtags

Branded hashtags are excellent to spread brand awareness, look for the content that is created by you by any of your follower and build a cohesive community around the business to drive more followers. A branded hashtag is the one that potrays your characteristics or brand’s identity. Over 70% of hashtags on Instagram are branded and are created by companies. If you want to grow brand within younger demographics, then user-generated content followed by your branded hashtags can help you build true brand identity.

Create an IGTV series

IGTV is still in its place and we can see many brands to create an IGTV series so that users intentionally can explore or pick a video when they have time or want to engage with long videos. It is predicted that brands may use it for serial content, and if the content is relatable, then it is more likely the series can transform visitor into follower. If you find it a time-intensive process simply buy Instagram followers Australia to outsmart Instagram algorithms.