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Interactive Social Media Posts: Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs it in 2022


Inarguably, the advent of social media has changed our world for a myriad of reasons. Likewise, since its onset, it has completely revolutionized the world of marketing. With increasingly more consumers turning to social media for customer service, it is crucial for businesses to have an active presence on social media platforms, utilizing a professional social media agency. In this article, we will discuss why inactive social media posts need to be part of your brand’s marketing strategy in 2022.

Social Media Strategy

In this digital age, no marketing strategy for a business is complete without including a social media strategy. It is critical for companies to have a proven and effective social media strategy to compete in the digital marketplace. Not only will you build brand awareness, but ultimately it will increase sales and ensure the growth of your business.

Interactive Marketing

The term “interactive marketing” (also referred to as trigger-based or event-driven marketing) is an innovative marketing strategy where customers are able to actively interact in some capacity with a brand’s content. As personalization has become a predominant aspect of content marketing over the past few years, so has the popularity of this specific tactic.

Interactive Posts for Social Media

There are several ways to engage your audience with interactive social media posts. Examples of the most effective interactive social media content include:


A great way to engage your audience on social media is through quizzes. Some social media platforms such as Instagram, have a feature that lets users include a quiz on Instagram Stories. An advantage of this type of post is the ability to analyze data from the responses, then formulate your future content based on the results.


Similar to quizzes, polls are another type of interactive social media post that can effectively engage users and understand their preferences. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter actually have built-in poll features on their respective sites making it easy to create this type of interactive post.

Interactive Videos

This type of interactive content has grown significantly in popularity given that videos have proven to be an excellent means of audience engagement. Platforms like YouTube, have simple cards that can be added to a video allowing viewers to subscribe, or to access an external website. Some interactive videos even allow the audience to answer quizzes or surveys.


Depending on the nature of your business, calculators can be a beneficial form of interactive content. They can add value by showcasing information to your audience. For instance, a calculator is a great way to display a monetary component, like how much money can be saved by using your product or service.


These types of interactive social media posts provide an excellent way of getting feedback from users. Additionally, they provide your audience with the opportunity to let their opinion be known. The obvious benefit of surveys is that they demonstrate to participants that your business cares about the customer experience.

What is Interactive Media?

The term interactive media refers to the digital form of communication, where a user interacts with the media in some capacity. A key component to this form of communication is that it is solely driven by the participation of the user. Examples of interactive media include apps, social media, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

In essence, interactive media describes the method by which information is processed and shared within the digital realm.

Marketing Strategy Plan

Having a successful marketing strategy is the dream of every business, regardless of the industry. That’s why it is essential for companies to utilize professional services that provide marketing solutions.

Every marketing strategy plan should include aspects such as your company’s objectives and goals, your target audience, researching your competition, and of course, analyzing the efficacy of the overall marketing strategy. A critical point to keep in mind with any marketing strategy is that it must be fluid  – meaning that it must be consistently evaluated to find areas that could use improvement, or take into account external factors such as the economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumer behaviour.


Given the prevalence of social media in our collective society, it is crucial for businesses to have an active presence on social media platforms. In this digital age, there are numerous advantages for brands to utilize this revolutionary technology.

A company with a well-managed social media account can easily interact with customers at any time, delivering exceptional customer service. Of course, this results in potential repeat sales, and therefore further growth of your business.

Today, social media platforms and review websites are fantastic ways to maintain your brand’s online reputation. In addition, there is the opportunity to attract and engage new customers.

Moreover, it offers the opportunity to engage with your followers using tactics such as inactive social media posts. Taking into account the sheer number of social media users that are in existence, including inactive social media posts in your company’s marketing strategy is a must in 2022.

Author Bio: Sarah Bauder is a senior content specialist at Little Dragon Media. Sarah has a degree in journalism and has a decade of experience writing content at numerous renowned publications. She enjoys writing about digital marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and more.