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6 Quick tips to Accessorize Your Bedroom Like a PRO!

A bedroom is a place that reflects your personality, taste and, in a way, represents your true self. It will allow you to organize many elements at once and beautify the space you have always wanted. Here are some quick tips about how to accessorize your bedroom like a pro:

Manage your storage:

For adding a serene feel to your bedroom, you can store things out of your sight. It will make your room appear calm and full of space to roam across. Here are few tips:

  • Use a storage bench or trunk at your bed foot for storing pillows, extra sheets, and blankets.
  • Choose a bedside table with doors or drawers, and you can keep up your reading glasses, books, and lotions within your sight yet hiding. If you seek more storage, choose a skirted table or even a dress with the drawers.
  • You can also place shallow boxes under the bed and hide them over with a beautiful red skirt.
  • The customized organization system helps in making maximum usage of the closet.
  • A headboard with a siding panel or built-in shelves is best for easily approachable accessories and books.

Indulge yourself in luxurious Linens:

Any bedroom is complete without luxurious and beautiful fabrics. There is nothing that can add more comfort to the bedroom, just like beautiful linens. Never buy the bed sheets offering less than 100% cotton or linens with a high thread count of more than 350. Instead, look for credible brands to provide a luxurious feeling in your bedroom. It will make you feel like you are in a five-star hotel. Once used, send them to a professional dry cleaner for pressing and washing, and it doesn’t cost much either.

Other sensual fabrics like cashmere or mohair are thrown beside your arms on a reading chair or even textured wall covering, beautiful cushion covers, silk bed canopies, or hand silk drapes. The luxury bedding in Australia is quite famous, and the inhabitants love to adhere to the feel of coziness in the bedroom.

Inclusive of many lighting options:

In any bedroom, it is always advisable to keep up with many lighting options in the room. For example, small lamps can be hung or placed to allow focus light for reading and related activities, and accent lights are used for soft illumination on the wall. To focus on lighting wherever you need, you can also place a bedside lamp consisting of a movable arm. Also, ensure that every light placed should be adjustable along with dimmer. Also, install a separate switch to switch on or off the light. It will allow you to be selective and reflect light in the area wherever you want.

Never overlook your ceilings:

Ceilings are also called the fifth wall of the room. While lying on the bed, do you see a blank surface? Try adding a soft color and subtle pattern? You can also paint the ceiling with a lighter version of your wall color. It will help you visually lower the ceiling and will give you a feeling of intimacy and comfort. Various other solutions would be to apply wallpaper or stencil on the ceiling. You can also add many architectural elements via molds or beams or even use decorative paint.

A silver-leafed bedroom ceiling is considered a luxury, along with a tented or canopy bed with dressings hanging from the ceiling that can allow you to envelop the warmth and sensuality alongside adding color, texture, and design to the ceiling. Also, add a crystal chandelier, molded medallion, or even try adding delicate shades for bringing texture, pattern, and color to your bedroom fifth wall right above you.

Right Furniture:

Always start with your floor plan once you are ready to buy bedroom furniture. The furniture you are trying to buy should fit the room you live in and never choose a large dresser and bed for any small bedroom. If your house ceilings are too high, a tall headboard will look good. Try adding an ottoman chain or a bench at the end of your bed.

Accent Pieces:

Once all furniture is in its place, you can give a personal touch to your space by adding family pictures, artworks, plants, vases, and lighting. Create a plan for this too. It’s never a good idea to buy whatever you like and when you start organizing it doesn’t look good all the time. So structure your bedroom and see the accents of which size and color you can purchase to beautify your room.


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