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Download Now: Top 5 Free Apps for MacBook

Before you think about disposing of your MacBook, you must try out these wonderful free applications. Available for free, the applications are sure to swipe you off your feet. Easy to download and even easier to play, these applications are one of the best utility ones. Let us explore a bit in detail about the various applications that are available for free for MacBook users.

List of applications to download on your MacBook

  • VLC Media player : One of the best applications for listening to music or watching any video file. You might wonder that with the dynamism in the domain of video files, QuickTime might fail to play certain video files. But, VLC will not! Being one of the branded video layers, that is open source, and easily available, you can play, convert, record in the cleanest way. No need for the heavy graphics, as the simple looks and features, enhance the utility of the player and uTorrent for Catalina. All these, without burning a hole in your pocket! Isn’t it awesome?
  • Unarchiver : If you are still troubled with the archived and RAR files, Unarchiver is the one for you. When Apple started to sell new MacBook for the first time, the need for this application was at its peak. On the contrary, the application not only supports RAR format but supports across a wide variety of formats. Simple operation, that expands and extracts any form of extensions, with a simple click.
  • Alfred : Increase your productivity and efficiency by having the quickest and seamless operation of the interface. Alfred, with the extremely smooth keystrokes and transitions, enhances the productivity for the professionals. One of the must-have applications for professionals and students. The swift operation and the quick calculation can be done using the application.
  • Pocket : If you liked something anywhere on the internet and wish to bookmark it, Pocket is there for you. I have personally used it and I recommend it too! Pocket, with the excellent feature of storing the information, is a great repository till infinity. You can save the best images and information in the application, till you find time to go through. Guess what, no more worries about the ad-blocker as the details are presented in a systematic manner.
  • Simplenote : Do you have a meeting planned right now and you are out of pages? Guess what, it is time to get digital now! Simple Note of MacBook is one of the best applications to take seamless notes, store them and make them into concise documents later on. Increase your productivity by three times as the texts can be edited, formatted and even presented during the conferences. Now, that’s what we call professional!

 Why use these applications?

If you observe carefully there is one thing that is pretty clear about the applications that we have listed. If you are a go-getter and wish to increase your productivity in your workspace, the 5 free apps are for you. No need to pay a single penny yet get the best benefit! Now, that’s why Apple is known for its excellence!


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