AppValley is an amazing app installer for iOS devices that provides hundreds of apps, games, and emulators. You can find many third-party, hacked and modded apps that are not included in the Apple app store. With AppValley iOS, you can upgrade your iDevice to the next level by downloading a variety of apps. This app store alternative allows you to get third-party apps on iOS without jailbreak. 

AppValley is one of the most popular app store alternatives for iOS. However, some users have recently reported a few issues they encounter while using AppValley. This includes download error, Authentication errors, app revoke, etc. In this article, we have provides simple solutions to fix these errors so that you can enjoy AppValley in the best quality. 

Fix AppValley Not Working Error 

AppValley for iOS was reported to show Not Working error on downloading the app store. This can be due to unwanted files in your iDevice. If the download was not complete or cancelled in between, such an error may occur. You can easily solve this by deleting the files and AppValley. Now, install AppValley on iOS again and you are done. 

Fix AppValley App Revokes 

App revokes occur when Apple identifies and blocks the certificate of the third-party app. You can prevent this error by using a VPN while downloading AppValley and third-party apps from this.If it is affordable, you may also buy an Apple developer account worth 100 per year. With this feature, you can download unlimited apps without even trusting the profile. The app certificate is not even required to get third-party apps. Another option is to jailbreak iOS, which can void the device warranty. This will completely fix the problem. 

Fix Authentication Error in AppValley 

This happens if you have installed any other third-party app stores like TutuApp on iOS. In such a case, you will have to either jailbreak your iDevice or get a Developer account so that you can download apps without limits. There is no need to verify the certificate of the app. The apps will appear in the server as if it is developed by the iOS user. You don’t have to trust every app that you download. 

Fix Unable to Verify Apps and AppValley Error 

If you are finding it hard to verify and use AppValley or modded apps downloaded from it, you will have to uninstall AppValley and the downloaded app. You can reinstall both AppValley and the downloaded app right away. This error will never show up again. 

We follow this Reference to prepare this awesome list of best solutions to fix all errors with AppValley App. 

Fix the Download Error for AppValley 

This is one of the main issues faced by iOS users while downloading AppValley. Follow the steps below to solve this error. 

  1. Clear the cached files and unnecessary apps from your iOS.
  2. Restart the iDevice and check the data connectivity.
  3. If it is strong, download AppValley for iOS.
  4. You need to open the Settings, take the Profile section and enable Trust for AppValley.



AppValley is the best source to download third-party apps safely. There is no need to jailbreak iOS. AppValley iOS is free of cost. Listed above are some of the common errors that you might face. You can easily fix them by using the simple procedures given in this article. AppValley will work smoothly on iOS without any bugs.  


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