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New iMac Coming Out? Start Marketing with iMac Mockup

Meta Description: There are reports that a much larger iMac will be out in the market in 2020. This only means one thing: It’s time to use iMac mockup for presentations.

 So a 31-inch iMac is coming out in 2020? Well, this is what social media sleuths have been talking about recently. Apparently there is an interview with Tim Cook with ABC News that is circulating on Twitter featuring a blurred background of what appears to be a large iMac. It is said to be 31-inch iMac that could be making its way to the market next year. Why is this significant? It will change the lives of tech enthusiasts and those that work with desktops for a living.

A large-screen iMac or iMac Pro is every videographer’s dream. Making videos and films will only get better. It is not just about the size of the iMac screen, it is also about the power behind it. There must be a reason why Apple wanted to make the desktop bigger, because they are putting something powerful behind it. You know how it is with iMac, there is no extra equipment for its central processing unit. The monitor has power within it.

So what does this have to do with the mockups? If the large-screen iMac is coming soon, then it is time to amp up digital product presentations with mockups using the Apple desktop. While the latest iMac is still up in the air, Ramotion released PSD and Sketch mockups for the Apple iMac. There is something different with the product when you use the iMac as the device to showcase it. It just seems more powerful and professional. This is not to discredit other Apple devices in other mockups because different products fit different goals. But if you want to showcase power, the iMac is that device.

When you use the iMac mockup, you really want to emphasize how powerful your design is. This is why it is significant that there might be a bigger iMac coming out soon. For years, Apple has been very consistent with the physical design of its Apple desktop—just the 21.5 inches and 27 inches. These have been the sizes since 2012. It’s kind of outlandish knowing that it’s from Apple, which experiments with size, design and technical upgrades in its iPhone and iPad lineup. The latest iMac has new processors and graphic cards—the sizes remain the same.

Use iMac mockup for your software design

 If you are creating a software that will make the lives of tech junkies and professionals better, then show it off through the iMac mockup. The photorealistic iMac will definitely make your product look better. This kind of mockup PSD shows your digital product in the most realistic way possible. Download a PSD file with Smart Objects feature. This way, you don’t have to distort the original image when you edit your file. Smart Objects will allow you to work with smart layers so that edits will be implemented on the layer rather than on the image.

The iMac Pro mockup is also a great canvas to work with when your product is a kind of software because most tech junkies or professionals work on the iMac Pro, which features the most powerful graphics, processors and storage.

Characteristics of the iMac Pro:

  • Processor: 3.2 GHz 8-core Intel Xeon W
  • Up to 4.2 GHZ Turbo Boost
  • Configurable memory of up to 256 GB
  • 27-inch Retina Display

Web designs on workspace mockups

 The iMac is definitely the perfect device to showcase your web designs. Of course, most websites are accessed through the desktop so the workspace mockup is very reasonable. This type of mockup mostly uses the iMac because it is the perfect tool for professional tasks, whether you are working at home or in a corporate office. There are also so many free mockups featuring workspaces—there are hundreds of them. The great thing about the workspace mockup is that it showcases how your website will look like in a real environment.

The most common thing about the workspace mockup template is that it features the iMac on a desk. The type of desk and the accessories on the desk will take you narrative to the next level. In the lineup featured in UX Planet, for example, one mockup showcases a simple desk with the iMac in the middle of it. Accessories include a notebook, pencil, watch, pen holder with a number of pens. But what sets it apart is the cobblestone wall. This basically tells you that the setting is a home office—not a lot of corporate offices have cobblestone walls. When using mockups to market your design, you have to work on clichés to make your narrative work. This type of mockup will tell you that you can work at home and your website will be able to make stay-at-home workers accomplish their tasks better.

Working with colors

 If you want to showcase workspace while still aiming for design-focused presentation, choose a mockup that will have predominantly white accessories. A clay mockup will work well in this type of presentation but since you want to emphasize the importance of your design among professionals, you want to make the work station part of the narrative. So find a mockup that uses white table, white walls and other white accessories so that the screen of the iMac will be the only thing emanating colors through your design.

There are so many kinds of iMac mockup to work with on the internet. It is just a matter of choosing wisely.


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