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18 Best Medium Alternatives For Reading and Writing

Medium is considered to be a place on the internet that allows people to publish their stories, ideas, and content free of cost. This gives readers and writers a chance for the publication for their articles without taking a hassle or chaos of time or monetary resolutions from the site.

However, moving forward many writers look for ways to increase their viewership and find medium alternatives to help them grow. So, if you are one of them and looking to expand your business, let us take you through the best alternative of Medium there are:

1. Issuu

Standing as a truly modern media agency, Issuu advocated the provision uploading and distribution of content in a very small amount of time, with as much frequency as the users require. A Medium alternative that believes in the need for growth, a collaboration of tools, advanced analytics, and the ability to charge for publications, Issuu provides the best content for its readers. Providing a wide platform of content, Issuu will make sure your content reaches the audience it is targeted for.

2. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most elemental Medium alternatives there are, providing everyone a software that emphasizes performance, accessibility, ease of use, and of course security of content. WordPress as a free blog writing site provides you with an interface of simple set up and predictable tools to make the experience as user friendly as possible.

The WordPress community believes in the concept of welcome all and include all, and thus operates on the principle of democratized publishing. As open-source software, WordPress is one of the finest places to publish your content to gain an audience.

3. Steemit

A confluence of social media and blogging platform, Steemit gives you the best of both worlds. One of the best alternatives to Medium, Steemit at the most basic level operates like Reddit, there is functioning on upvoting and downvoting of topics. This is a platform which is not only free, but pays for you to post content and lets you earn cryptocurrency for commenting and upvoting the existing contents.

4. Tumblr

Tumblr, one of the best free alternatives to Medium,  is considered to be the best microblogging site in the world. Beyond textual information, Tumblr allows you to include pictures, links, audios, videos, and gifs that no other blogging site would include. Arguably the best platform for users to publish a short blog post, content on simple topics, short stories and a perfect place to give people little glimpses of their work. With an easy to use editor and simple interface, it is the best in the contemporaries for the short content type.

4. Quora

One of the most famous platforms for content posting, Quora can win the race of Medium alternatives simply on the fame of its brand. Quora is portrayed as a forum of information, considered to distribute and increase knowledge. This is a place where the content is based highly on the opinion of the writer, making it a platform where all opinions are accepted. Following a question-answer based system, Quora is a place where people never get a shortage of topics to write about.

5. Hubpages

Hubpages is the closest in operation to Medium, in terms of the length of the content. The content creation in Hubpages is undertaken by a community and you can work on both short and long format of articles. One of the closest operational alternatives of Medium, Hubpages is a platform worth exploring for readers as well as writers.

6. Reddit

Claiming to be the front page of the internet, Reddit is one of the most widely famous free blog writing sites. Basically a large group of forums, Reddit is a place where the users can upload information ranging from news and technology to comics and films and literature giving you the widest range on content topics to include. With a broad readership, Reddit makes sure that your content would reach the correct audience. With its best navigation program, Reddit is one of the best Medium alternatives in the list.

7. Write.as

An open platform to create blog posts, social media posts, and other short-form type content, Write.as is one of the most emergent forms of a blogging platform. One of the best alternatives for media this free platform is great for anonymous writers to create posts with minimum personal information linked to your work. One of the in the list, this is the best alternative to Medium for people focused on privacy, minimalism and distraction-free writing. This stability and flexibility are what get Write.as on the list for content creation and uploading websites.

8. Blogger

A platform designed for the ease of the user, Blogger is considered one of the easiest places to upload content. Due to its ownership of Google, Blogger is a space that allows you to link your profile to various Google products. A Medium alternative for people who like publicity, Blogger is the correct platform for you if you want your work to be recognized along with your name. With a deeper dive into the features of Blogger, you will find the option of customization that allows you to create a unique blog design for your site.

9. Telegr.ph

This site takes the ease of content posting to another level, by allowing you to post without even creating an account. A no-fuss website for content posting Telegr.ph is again a place of wide variety topics, with complete anonymity of the poster. This is one of the most similar patterns followed by Medium, this free alternative to Medium is one of the best places to use if you do not prefer a personalized blog.

10. Ghost

A fully open-source blogging website, Ghost is a site meant for content management in a convenient online publication of your content. A simple and user-friendly platform, Ghost is  a Medium alternative that provides a broad range of full-blown editor that helps you modify the site according to your needs. Easily customizable for personal sites, this is an area where people post blogs, personal stories, research, or simple thoughts. Though it might not be categorized as a free blog writing site, Ghost does give you a 14-day free trial to give you an experience.

11. WriteFreely

A free alternative to Medium, WriteFreely is an open software for the initial and amateur phases of a minimalistic, federated blog or even an entire community of writers. Though it began as a privacy focussed write-up space, WriteFreely still holds a simple outlook; allowing space to people to generate and express thoughts and have a clean reading experience.

12. Telescope

A minimal, fast, and yet simple publishing platform, Telescope a Medium alternative that works on the privacy of the clients a little more. With no requirement of registration, Telescope is a customizable website that would give you the chance to post your content without attaching your identity to it. Along with this, Telescope also provides you a chance to upload images to go along with your content.

13. Overblog

Another one of the ventures with the social media aspect of the content, Overblog has recently launched the new version along with the social network attachment. An alternative to Medium, Overblog is the place where you can set your personalized blog, according to the need of your content. An Ebuzzing group, if there was one thing that Overblog could promise it would be traffic on your content.

14. Hashnode

Working on a friendly and inclusive model, Hashnode is another site based on the Q and A format of content along with the traditional blog posting and story publishing network. Though initially and primarily focused on software development, there has been a buzz about extending this free blog writing site to topics beyond the original thought.

15. Metafilter

Metafilter is considered to be an online platform where anyone can contribute to the creation and publication of content. This weblog allows the barriers of individual writers and helps foster a discussion among the members of the site. Metafilter as a free alternative to Medium can prove essentially helpful to the new writers in establishing the face of their content.

16. Dev Community

As is evident from the name, Dev community stands for a collective platform for programmers to share ideas and content. This Medium alternative is highly concentrated for the programming and web development community, including stories, questions, tutorials or even simple discussion-worthy topics in the field. Dev community allows everyone to access the site and post topics worth discussing.

18. Svbtle

With beautiful blog designs and exclusive member-only content, Svbtle has garnered a lot of attention over the past two years. With the initial idea being that of strong content and serious base, the site is now adding its name in the free blog writing site list both monetarily and demographically. With opening doors to all the internet users, Svbtle is now a front runner in the race of Medium alternatives.

Though medium has been favored by content writers, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly option, go through the list above to suit your needs.


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