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Top 7 Best Handheld Milk Frother You Can Use In 2021

Perfectly frothed milk makes espresso-based beverages, like lattes and cappuccinos, delightful. However, that’s also what makes most designs cost a pretty penny. Luckily, there are budget-friendly and easy to use milk frothers you can purchase for home usage, including handheld ones that just whisk air into the milk, automatic system frothers thats temperature and froth milk with a weight of a button, and cloud wands that come connected to latte makers.

Top 7 Best Handheld Milk Frother You Can Use In 2021

In this article, you can know about best milk frother here are the details below;

Frothers work by powerfully spinning the milk with a coiled whisk or by pressing steam through it, creating bubbles and giving it a velvety mouthfeel. They can be utilized with different kinds of milk, like regular or any non-dairy alternatives, although some froth much better than others, primarily due to fat material.

To discover our preferred milk frothers, the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Kitchen Appliances & Technology Lab rounded up a range of popular brands and highly-rated models on the market. We thought about automatic, portable, and steam wand frothers at different rate points and with helpful functions.

Three kinds of milk frothers to think about prior to your purchase:

You might utilize about any cooking area tool to froth milk, like a French press, a mixer, a whisk, and even a lidded mason jar. The outcomes might be bubbly. However, it will not have the best texture: that luscious and silky mouthfeel we enjoy in milk-forward coffee drinks. For that, there are 3 types of milk frothers, each with benefits and drawbacks:

Portable frothers are battery-operated whisks that you stick straight into your cup of milk to froth, like a mini immersion mixer. The whisk spins continually, and with the combination of a manual up and down motion, the air gets whipped into the milk.


– It is the most compact and economical alternative.

– Convenient for other light whisking jobs likes eggs, matcha, and dressings.

– Resulting milk is lights and foamy with large bubbles– ideal for coffees.

It- Easy to clean up.


– The batteries might need regular replacing or might go out mid-frothing.

– Milk can spatter while frothed given that there is no lid.

– Does not heat or cool the milk.

– Less exact frothing that does not give milk much texture.

Automatic frothers are electric-powered containers with an induction whisk inside that heats the milk and spins to produce regularly smooth and even foam. It likewise has the ability to froth cold milk.


– Makes better quality frothed milk than portable frothers.

– Easy to use– just include milk, and with a push of a button, it will heat (or cool) and froth automatically.


– Takes up more space than handhelds milk frothers.

– Can froth a limited quantity of milk at a time (typically approximately 8 ounces).

It- More tough to hand wash, although some designs are dishwasher safe.

Steam wands are builts into espresso machines, and they are typically utilized in a coffee bar for a good factor– they are the very best at steaming milk and offering it texture, not just bubbles. The steam pushes through a wand into the milk, producing fine and velvety foam.


– Can personalize your frothed milk for different types of specialized coffees.

– Makes the very best microfoam, a luscious, thick and smooth frothed milk that is ideal for lattes.


– The most expensive choice.

– Proper strategy can be challenging to find out and master.

1. Aeroccino 4 Frother

Aeroccino 4 Frother

We previously recommended the Aeroccino three, a go-to for our editors and test cooking area since it is easy to use, cleans, and froths non-dairy options well. This upgraded model includes the exact same functions, plus the choice for denser and thicker foam, perfect for lattes and latte art. Just pour milk into the frothing container that has a removable whisk inside and connects to the electric bass. With a click of a button, it can froth both hot and cold milk in a little over one minutes and heat milk in about two. You can also check fairy lights.

The controls are easy to read and use– they illuminate when on and flash when frothing. Plus, it automatically shuts off when not in use. Some reviewers note that the high and narrow container (it’s 8.3 inches tall and seven inches in diameter) is hard to wash by hand. However, we love that all parts other than the wired base are dishwasher safe.

– It has ergonomic management that makes it simple to pour.

– It is dishwashing machine safe.

– Does a good task frothing non-dairy alternatives.

– Only can be found in stainless steel with no other colour choices.

It- Not the fastest approach to heat milk.

2. Milk Pro Frother

Milk Pro Frother

This budget-friendly and easy to use portable frother has nearly 14,000 5-star evaluations on Amazon. The whisk accessory is made of stainless steel, and it needs two AA batteries to operate– this makes it portable but dangerous going out mid-frothing. It includes compact mean easy, and accessible storage. Customers love that it is quiet and really fast (it can froth milk in less than 30 seconds). One reviewer shared their trick to getting the perfect foam: “My technique is to do it simply put bursts, hovering on top for no longer than one 2nd, then pushing it down to the bottoms until the milk cyclone tries to jump out of the cup!”

– Compact and simple to store.

– Froths milk rapidly.

– Requires batteries that might go out mid-frothing.

– Does not heat the milk.

3. Milk Frother

Milk Frother

Aerolatte created the first portable frother, and they continue to be very popular. Perfect for people with small cooking areas– or even to take with you on-the-go when taking a trip (it comes with a storage case)– this portable design is light-weight and basic to utilize. It even features 2 AA batteries. If you are a regular frother, keep it on this stand that is offered individually. We like that the stainless-steel whisk accessory is simple to clean: run the frother in a cup of hot soapy water, clean, and dry. It comes with a 2-year warranty, the longest of all the milk frothers we examined. It can be found in five styles, including this amusing cow print. You can also view another post wine cabinet.

– Compact and easy to store.

– Comes with a generous two-year warranty.

– Requires batteries that may go out mid-frothing.

– Does not warm the milk.

4. The Milk Cafe

The Milk Cafe

If your family or workplace requires options, this Breville milk frother has lots. Bear in mind that it is reasonably large (about six inches in diameter and ten inches tall), but it can 4th more than one serving at a time– in fact, there are clear measurement lines for frothing a couple of cups of milk and a 3-cup line for heating milk. The 2 frothing discs for lattes or cappuccinos can be saved in a compartment behind the electrical base. It includes a dial to select your perfect temperature level from cold to 180ºF. The cover likewise doubles as a measuring cup for including ingredients while the milk swirls in the frother. We love that it is dishwashing machine safe, and the machine will immediately turn off if the container gets too hot.

– Can froth more than one working at a time.

– The milk jug is dishwashing machine safe.

– Desired temperature level can be set.

– It is pricey.

– It takes up more area than other milk frothers we evaluated.

5. Latter Manual Milk Frother

Latter Manual Milk Frother

This manual frother boasts design functions that resemble our preferred French press– both made by Bodum. Amount to eight ounces of milk into the microwavable borosilicate glass container, heat it up, and pumps the mesh plunger up and down to create foam. It’s likewise clear, so you see the milk frothing without having to get rid of the lid. Customers keep in mind that the manager on the plunger is easy to grip, and it does not take much force to draw. Best of all, every piece is dishwasher safe. Keep in mind that this milk frother can’t be utilized as a French press: The mesh filter doesn’t fit securely into the container, which makes it easy to push and pull; however not terrific for filtering coffee grains.

– Manual usage (no need for batteries or charging).

– Glass container can shatter if knocked with force.

6. Bambino Plus Espresso Maker

Bambino Plus Espresso Maker

Our team of professionals enjoy the Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Maker– most just recently, we advised it for preparing espressos and for crafting lattes at home. Built into an espresso makers, the wand pushes steam into milk to heat it and produce foam, producing impressive microfoam similar to a barista would. It allows you to choose the temperature level and amount of foam. Plus, the steam wand automatically purges the within with clean, warm water after every usage.

– Can accomplish the very best microfoam.

– Can select your perfect temperature and quantity of foam produced.

– It is pricey.

– There is a training curve to correctly use a steams wand.

7. Barista Recipe Maker

Barista Recipe Maker

This smart milk frother pairs to your phones through the Nespresso app. It lets you choose your preferred milk-based coffee dishes to contribute to the frother’s control panel. There is an overall of 13 dishes to select from, consisting of latte, cappuccino, mocha, and even textured milk specifically for latte art. The app will assist you through how much milk to add into the jug and will automatically froth the milk to the ideal consistency. Don’t have your phone useful?

The touch-screen control’s on the frother are simple to use. We love that it can froth as small as 3.4 ounces as much as 8.45 ounces. Likewise, all parts except the power base are dishwashing machine safe. It turns off immediately when not in use. In our tests, this smart frother heated equally and made perfectly consistent foam. Worth keeping in mind: It does not foam almond and soy milk as well as regular milk. You can also view another post about best smoothie maker.

Provides 13 assisted recipes to pick from and contribute to the control board.

Heats milk equally and creates constant foam.

It is expensive.

Not the best as frothing non-dairy kinds of milk.


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