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How can you get the most cash for your old iphone 8?

Apple declared the discontinuation of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in April 2020. As iPhone 11 arrived at the scene, the lesser-liked iPhone 8 needed to clear a path. If you are set up to sell your iPhone 8, you can give it one final push by selling it on the web. You can expect decent cash for iPhone 8 when you sell it online.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus also got substituted as Apple’s base option by the iPhone SE. Despite their weaknesses, they can get you decent cash. You could get about £200 for iPhone 8 or around £300 for iPhone 8 Plus. Here are some more essential details about selling an old iPhone 8.

Value of old iPhone 8

The amount you get offered for an iPhone 8 depends on various aspects. You can visit different websites to get a quote by adding model and brand details. You will be given quotes for handsets in varying conditions. Update the options to get a precise quote. New devices are the ones that are as yet in their bundling, and broken ones are the ones that have got old with damages. Changing the network provider and memory will moreover influence the quotes you get when selling handsets.

What about network-locked mobile phones?

Even though the cash offered for network-locked mobile phones is less, you can still sell them. It additionally depends on the network provider it is associated with. When you get the packaging for your iPhone 8, affirm that your device is network-tied to a specific carrier.

Unlocking your handset will ensure a more significant amount, and it is not extremely difficult to figure out this. Most importantly, you have to put a solicitation with your transporter, which may take a few days. Consequently, you should utilize another SIM card. On the off chance that you do not have one, back up the information on your gadget, erase your device’s settings, and restore it.

How to sell your iPhone 8 

It is not difficult to dispose of your undesirable iPhone 8 and make some quick money. Follow these essential tips to sell your gadget for a decent amount.

  • Get a quote

You can browse through various websites. In the search bar on the selling page of the website, you can enter the model details. You will therefore be given different quotes for various conditions. You should pick one from the choices to reflect your particular iPhone 8. You will likewise need to determine the network provider and storage limit. You would not need to enter any of your details thus far. On the off chance that you are content with the quotes, you can enter your contact details to confirm the deal.

  • Send the handset

You should send your iPhone 8 in the bundling given to you by the seller. There will be a couple of forms about essential details. So, make sure you fill it and it to the bundling. You can likewise add the extra accessories if you wish to do as such.

  • Wait for the payment

Once the buyer gets the handset, they will examine it to guarantee the condition matches what exactly you told. Upon confirmation, they will finish continuing towards making the payment. On the off chance that there any disparities, they will inform and offer a new quote. It will rely upon the specific state of your handset. You are allowed to acknowledge or deny it. When you accept the quote, it will be customary business, and they will continue towards the payment. You can settle on PayPal or bank payment to get the cash for your iPhone 8.


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