Not too long ago, Samsung made a name for itself in the budget smartphone space by flooding the market with cheap phones that supply excellent value for money.

After the release of the Moto-G, Samsung had to bring low-end phones to the market that appeal to the masses to move more products.

The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime is the Korean manufacturer’s entry-level smartphone champ that comes with a modest price tag and a competent spec sheet.

It’s not a flagship killer; however, it is the perfect phone for smartphone newbies and those on a budget.

In this review, we will go over the phone’s features and discuss what makes it great.

Design And Build

Most of Samsung’s Galaxy Core Prime is made of plastic. The phone does come with metal and glass on the top and in the middle. However, the rest of the phone is plastic.

Using plastic in a phone is not necessarily a bad thing, and most users are not affected by the design choice. However, it does impact the overall in-hand feel and the durability of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime’s design shares the design language set out by the Galaxy Alpha that came out in 2014. The similar, cool-looking style gives the phone a unique look and appeal.

The phone’s striking design makes it look unmistakably like a Samsung phone.

People recognize it whether they glance at it from the front or the back – and this is not just because of the logos on both sides of the phone.

The company has a well-established set of design cues that make its handsets stand out.

 There’s the signature oval-shaped physical home key, which is a rarity in the Android world is a welcome focal point for your thumb.

The multitasking and back keys are of the capacitive kind, typical of Samsung.

On the back of the device, you get the familiar, centrally-placed, square camera unit.

The phone comes in three colors – black, white, and grey.

You can see the color in the area surrounding the screen, which is overlaid by the screen glass, and the subtly textured, shiny-yet-matte rear cover.

The cover can be removed to reveal the removable battery, along with the tightly stacked microSIM and microSD slots.

The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime feels surprisingly solid in the hands. The back cover flexes a little bit, but the phone is reassuringly sturdy and rattle-free.

The durability of the phone shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated – it can survive more than a few knocks.

Part of the comfortable hand-feel comes from the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime’s dimensions. At 8.8mm thick, it’s not slim, but it’s not chunky either.

The phone is light, weighing a pleasing 130g. It weighs almost as much as an iPhone 6.

It also has a great balance to it, which can largely be attributed to its 4.5-inch display.

The screen size is dismissed as small by many; however, it is still big enough to carry out most tasks.

The screen is neatly proportioned, but it is not is sharp. The 800 x 480 resolution and the low pixel density of 207ppi leave users asking for more.

The phone’s display isn’t the brightest you’ll find on a phone; however, turning the brightness up makes it perfectly useable even in broad daylight. It does not feature Samsung’s signature Super AMOLED panel, but the TFT display boasts great colors nonetheless.

The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime boasts 4G connectivity, which enables users to take advantage of one of the fastest, most widely available mobile network standards.

The phone boasts an elegant design, a decent screen, and is an excellent device overall considering the price.


The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime comes with the quad-core Snapdragon 410, which enables users to multitask and get things done without any stuttering.

The phone has 1GB of RAM, which allows the phone to navigate smoothly.

It handles simple 2D games well, but you will not get strong gaming performance out of the device.

The device’s average Geekbench 3 benchmark test score is 1,710, putting it ahead of most other phones available at the same price point.

The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime comes with a beautiful UI based on Android 5.1.1 out of the box, which makes the phone easy to set up and operate.

It ships with Google Now enabled, and one can access it by pressing and holding the home button.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime features a removable 2000mAh battery. The capacity may seem small; however, the phone’s display is less taxing, which makes a massive difference in battery life.

The battery will get you through a day of light usage with ease, and the phone outlasts other phones in the same price range by a good few hours.

Samsung’s battery-saving tools optimize power consumption excellently by scanning for seldom-used apps and reducing their background operations.

There’s also an Ultra Power Saving Mode, which strips the phone’s UI and operation back to near feature phone level, resulting in potentially weeks of standby time.


The phone comes with a 5-megapixel camera that has an f/2.6 lens, which, coupled with the LED flash, enables users to capture shots in the dark. For a phone so aggressively priced, the presence of an LED flash and the excellent autofocus capabilities are a welcome surprise.

The Galaxy Core Prime can capture crisp 720p videos.

With the default settings, you will capture decent 3.9-megapixel shots. The wide 5:3 aspect ratio fills the display; however, you can get great a clearer 5-megapixel picture by setting the camera up to capture 4:3 aspect ratio pictures.

The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime boasts a robust design and comes with a decent 5-megapixel camera that takes vibrant photos.

There’s plenty of room for expandable storage, and the 4.5-inch display is just the right size for comfortable single-hand usage.

The battery lasts long, and the 4G-enabled device offers impressive features for the price.

Overall, it’s a decent entry-level choice that supplies excellent value for your money.

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