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What is Geofencing – 5 Reasons It Saves Money for Small Businesses

A geofence is a crucial tool for any small business that has field workers, such as companies in the supply chain and logistics industries. It uses GPS on the smartphone to let you set a geographical boundary—an extremely useful tool when assigning specific routes to your field team, as it notifies you when they enter or exit that boundary. A geofence app may be just what your small business needs to ensure your employees’ safety while protecting valuable assets and enhancing workplace management. Through geofencing, you can minimize incidents like failure to attend and ensure that service level agreements are fulfilled.

How your business can benefit from geofencing

Geofencing is a crucial feature in a phone tracker for small businesses. It helps employers track employees and determine if field workers are utilizing their time efficiently in order to determine which employees may be slacking off—and reward those who perform their duties well.

You can set a geofence around a particular work site and be notified when workers leave or enter that site. This technology may also provide information on whether an employee is active on the job or is idle, so you can save time and don’t have to continually check on individuals, requiring each one to report back for location and status updates.

Here is a more in-depth look at many things a geofence app can do for your business:

1. Increase safety

Geofencing is a convenient and discreet way to track your employees and vehicles in real-time. It offers visibility into your field resources. In case something happens that may arouse your suspicion—such as the vehicle straying from their routes—you can call your drivers or field agents immediately to check on them. This may also ensure that your field workers are not misusing their time.

2. Prevent theft

Company vehicles are important assets to your business, so it makes sense to ensure their security and that they are not being misused or abused. Geofencing can help with that by delivering regular notifications and alerts when a vehicle goes beyond a geofenced location. Moreover, when drivers know that they are being tracked from a phone tracker on their work phones, they might be less likely to stray from their assigned routes.

3. Attract customers

Geofencing may be helpful to small retailers who want a simpler way to contact their customers. For instance, you could set a geofence around your store or the building where your establishment is. When a customer downloads your app and enters that assigned space, they can get a push notification on their mobile phone to let them know that they are near your location. This is a great way to target customers and entice them to visit your store.

4. Ensure adherence to assigned work schedules

Field operations must be able to fulfill the timelines indicated in service level agreements. With a geofence app, you can be sure that schedules are not being compromised and that your team is adhering to them. Alerts can help you check if field workers are following their assigned routes. Triggers can ensure that there is no breach to the field operations’ schedule.

5. Enhanced fleet management

Fleet management will be simpler with a phone tracker that has a geofencing feature. Track the movement of vehicles within and outside the geofence to determine how they are being used. It may help you apply and practice safety measures more effectively, too, such as checking on the driver when you notice that they have been idle on the map. You can plan routes more effectively to save on fuel and ensure timely arrival at assigned destinations.

6. Data gathering

The app can provide detailed reports and insights for every geofenced area, complete with validations and time stamps. This way, you can have a full account of how your team is doing in the field. Data may also be useful in improving routes and when deciding to expand your service coverage area.

7. Gain a competitive advantage

Geofencing is a valuable technology to a variety of industries. Your business could be left behind without it, as it contributes to improvements that could help the company operate more efficiently and save money in the long run.

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