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15 Types of Keywords to Boost your SEO Strategy

Keywords are an integral part of SEO practice. It’s been observed that over 40,000 searches happen over search engines on every single sec and that too with relevant keywords. It would be beneficial for marketers to know these keywords if they want to rank their product/service fast on SERP.

Here the trick is that you will find volumes of keywords over the internet of which you have to choose some as per your product category and search type. Another critical parameter for attaining a higher ranking on a search engine is an image. It’s said that noticed that 97% of the first-page ranking brands on Google at least have one of their product images. Google algorithms are fond of HQ images, and this is supposed to be the necessary step of SEO.

With the right course of SEO Strategy, a website/blog can achieve a high volume of organic searches. Research shows that 39% of the popular e-commerce sites generate traffic using this method. No business website can rank without SEO.

Let’s check out at how important keywords are for your SEO practice



15 Types of Keywords in SEO 

As said earlier that there are myriads of keywords marketers use for different types of end-user and phases of the sales funnel. This indicates different sets and subsets of keywords are capable of connecting a more comprehensive range of target groups and lead to higher conversion. SEO experts use these keywords in contents and several other categories.

A brief discussion on keyword types will make you learn about what to and what not to show up to your target audience. Point to be noted here is individual keyword grabs individual online communities. Take a look-

1. Short-tail Keywords

These are keywords with which most of the searches take place online. These keywords mostly consist of one-two words that make the search accurate, e.g. dog or wooden table. The more precise keyword, the more on-spot search result. Surprisingly, the top 1000 keywords can accumulate barely 20% of web traffic.

2. Mid-tail Keywords

High-ranking short-tail keywords and traffic generating long-tail keywords come together to make Mid-tail keywords, e.g., t-shirt and red t-shirt of silk material make a mid-tail keyword silk red t-shirt. It acts as a balance between these two. People who are in search of particular things ignoring the popular search suggestion use these keywords. While the search involves more accuracy, the higher volume of traffic gets generated. Specific searches attach a higher conversion rate too as people already know what they want to buy. 

3. Long-tail Keywords

Let’s just put it this way that long-tail keywords are on point. Thus, they don’t fall under popular searches. Blogs with long headings are the best examples of long-tail keywords.

A niche targeting marks these keywords as good friends to conversions. People are already sure of their search will always go for long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords determine the wider audience.

4. Customer Defining Keywords

Regardless of the business types, the pattern of the audience varies. Businesses more likely to target their potential consumers with these types of keywords based on their classification- e.g. SEO experts refer to people who know Digital Marketing aspects. Not only search engine ranking, but SEO also classifies your target audience and convert them into loyal buyers.

5. Short-term Fresh Keywords

These particular types of keywords generate when something or some gets overnight popularity over the internet. As IPL is trending now, any search related to IPL will incur the highest traffic volume at present. Within a small duration, these keywords remain at the peak of search popularity. Eventually, they fade away with the end of the trend.

6. Long-term Evergreen Keywords

Long-tail keywords are meant for to-the-point search results. If appropriately used in the content, long-tail keywords can hold onto the highest traffic volume and conversion ratio. These keywords deliver viable results, e.g. “10 tips for growing your eyebrows in 2 weeks”- here the long-tail keyword used is “grow your eyebrow”. This phrase will become a native search. Contents weaved with the right set of keywords become virtually evergreen.

7. LSI Keywords

Latent Systematic Indexing- that’s the LSI keywords for you. Search engines determine the content of a website through these keywords. For instance, if we search– ‘best mouth fresheners available in the market’, it will show multiple product types, containing mouth freshener. Google trust these keywords for search precision purpose.

8. Intent Targeting Keywords

Based on the user search type marketers design these keywords. For paid searches intent targeting keywords play the masterstroke. User search patterns and the vast data of search volume are two essential ingredients here to boost traffic for a website through intent targeting keywords. Search queries are broadly three types- navigational, informational, and transactional. The first two types of search queries determine the lead generation for the third one.

9. Related Vertical Keywords

If you want to have an insider of a business/product, you have to go by this keyword search. If you are an online bookseller, the horizontal keyword for your listing would be a bookseller, and “storybook for sale”, “stationary for sale” would be the related vertical ones.

10. Competitor Keywords

While running a business, you should always have an eye on what competitors are doing to optimize their online brand presence. Find out the keywords that your competitors are using for traffic generation and lead conversion; utilize these competitor keywords to level your brand with the A-listers. These keywords help you understand audience insights. There are multiple tools like- SpyFu, SEMrush, Ahref’s, Google Ads, etc. available in the market for competitor analysis.

11. Phrase Match Keywords

If a particular phrase becomes a search keyword nothing more matters to an ad. Suppose you are searching for baby powder and a website opens with a pop –up of everything that you want, half of the battle is won there. These keywords are of several deviations due to spelling errors, wrongly used terms, synonyms, paraphrases.

12. Negative Keywords

Now this is something significant. When you use opposite keywords of the exact match keywords, it becomes a negative keyword. This is how you can prevent your ad from popping up from the pre-set parameters, e.g. For Google, the word “free’’ is a negative match. Thus, using this phrase won’t return your desired results.  

13. Exact Match Keywords

These keywords, in mainly particular fall under the category of short-tail keywords. These are targeted keywords exactly fit your user search. Advertisers use these keywords for bidding to tap their exact audience. The closer the match is, the higher the conversion rate.

14. Geo-tagging Keywords

Geo-tagging keywords are practically made for location-based consumer tracking. For promoting local business, these keywords are just too apt. As Google tracks every industry with its type and location, your consumers are more likely to reach you through the course. Including local flavor in websites can attract more audience to it.

15. Product Keywords

When we search for a particular product or a brand online, it falls under the product research category. For instance, if we search ‘sanitizer’, all famous brands will crowd on the first page. Renowned sports brands like Adidas, Nike use this SEO technique.


This is a wrap. If you want your SEO to be focused and steadfast, proper usage of a perfect blend of these above-said keywords can help you get your desired SERP rank faster than others. Since 93% of the user experiences happen online, you have to tap this opportunity for your website ranking and allover business growth.

Author – 

Sreya Sengupta is a content strategist at Intetnetmarketingschool.co.in. With 5+ years of experience in social media and traditional advertising, Sreya is also an active Digital marketing enthusiast.


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