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How To Create A Compelling SEO Proposal

If you’re offering search engine optimization (SEO) services as a home-based or office-based freelance SEO specialist, consultant, or as an agency, you’ve probably noticed that it’s challenging to convince people to do business through verbal means alone. Therefore, you may want to consider writing an SEO proposal.

What Is An SEO Proposal?

An SEO proposal, sometimes referred to as a content proposal, is a document prepared by marketing managers and search engine services companies to develop and then implement a plan to improve search engine rankings and site traffic on websites. The objective of an SEO proposal is to persuade search engines to list your website at a higher ranking for a specific keyword phrase.

Consider submitting your proposal for free to a number of online search engines, and submit it to major search directories as well. Check the following SEO proposal examples on how to effectively write an SEO proposal.

Now that you know what an SEO proposal is, it’s time to know how to write a great SEO proposal.

Write A Catchy Title

When writing an SEO proposal, it’s important to have a catchy title so that the reader will remember it and will use it time and again. A bland title will not get any kind of traffic to your website.

Take a look at the following tips when writing a catchy title for your SEO proposal:

  • Think about the niche or industry of your target prospects. Know the company’s vision and mission and incorporate them, along with their core principles in creating a title for your SEO proposal.
  • Avoid using jargon on the title. Make it easy to read and understand. Use simple terms as much as possible so the reader can easily grasp what you’re trying to propose.
  • Make sure that your SEO proposal title aligns with your objectives.

Research Keywords 

One of the best ways to get started in writing an SEO proposal is to research keywords that are related to your website. You can find free keyword tools on the Internet that will help you analyze the most common keywords used by search engine users.

Once you’ve identified keyword phrases, you can begin to research them and see which ones are getting the most clicks and searches. After which, you can then begin to write SEO content about them that can be used for both your website and for submitting to the search engine.

Analyze The SEO Content

SEO increasingly matters in many businesses today with the advancement of digital technology, wherein more consumers are looking into online resources before buying a product or availing of a service. For this reason, the next step for writing an SEO plan is to analyze the SEO content that you’ve prepared, and determine which keywords and content will be most effective in driving search engine traffic to a website.

You can use keywords from this data to write your own articles about the keywords and then submit these articles to article directories, which will generate additional backlinks pointing back to your main website.

Create A Series Of Content Projects

Once you’ve written an outline of your website content and your keywords, you will want to create a series of content projects. These are short, informative articles that provide the keyword phrases with sufficient information so that readers can easily understand the key points in the article.

Check the following steps when creating a series of content projects:

  • After completing one article, you should have a series of articles that provide information on these keywords and then another set that provide specific, targeted information. You should have a series of articles that give readers the ability to make sense of the keywords or phrases they’ve just read.
  • You will then want to begin to optimize each article by writing the keywords or phrases so they appear frequently throughout the entire article. Include them in the titles and first paragraph as well. By making these keywords and phrases the focus of your article, you will attract more visitors to your website.
  • You will also want to include these keywords in your URLs in order to ensure search engine spiders and search bots can recognize your website as the most relevant.
  • When you’re done writing the articles, you will want to submit them to a variety of article directories, including article sites such as Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Article Marketing, Go Blogs, and others to ensure the keywords and keyword phrases have the ability to generate plenty of organic traffic to your website. You will also want to write your content and submit it to the search engine to increase its chances of being picked up and displayed on the search results pages.

Make An Irresistible Offer 

The last part of your SEO proposal should contain an irresistible offer such as providing SEO upgrades to your clients. You need to convince your readers to follow you and visit your website. Offer them something valuable in exchange for their opt-in.

Hire A Ghostwriter

If you’re not confident in your writing skills, you can choose to craft your SEO proposal by hiring a ghostwriter. These people are professionals and will be able to create a compelling proposal that will make your reader click. A great writer will be able to use all sorts of words and phrases to make your reader understand your offer better.

They also have a knack of creating eye-catching headlines that grab your reader’s attention, making them want to read your entire content through the end. A good writer can also turn your proposal into a sales letter if they’re using the proper words and phrasing.


Writing an SEO proposal for your SEO services involves several steps, such as coming up with a catchy title, stating an irresistible offer, and presenting samples of content on how to boost a website’s ranking on search engines like Google. You can also hire an SEO ghostwriter to write a compelling SEO proposal that will be submitted to your prospects.


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