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The Latest SEO Trends in 2020 for Struggling Entrepreneurs

With rising technologies, marketers must adopt new ways of product promotion. Every day a new website launches into one of the industries around us. The competition in today’s online market is growing undeniably. For this reason, struggling entrepreneurs need to understand the importance of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential tool for digital marketers, brand owners, and companies of all sizes. It is because SEO permits your site to appear efficiently on the search results page. An increase in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) ranking generates more organic traffic.

As per the advancing technology, Google annually updates its policy. These impact an eCommerce business website’s ranking positively. For this reason, it is compulsory to follow up on these changes and keep the venture going.

A Guide to the SEO Trends In 2020

SEO is believed to be the youngest discipline in digital marketing. Also, it is fast-paced and keeps changing. Analyzing the methods in the previous twelve months, you can estimate the latest SEO techniques this year.

The SEO trends in 2020 may include some of these listed below. Staying in touch with popular trends will help your business grow quicker.

Voice Search Will Continue To Evolve

With the modernization of technology, smartphones are impacting lives more. People are getting busier every day and rely on voice search now. Customers prefer searching for products through vocals. For this reason, voice recognition will continue to gain value in 2020.

Basically, voice search requires a long-term SEO strategy that optimizes valuable content. For benefitting from this trend, content markers must write in a conversational tone. Better use of questions and long-tail keywords in natural language will help your website to appear on the first page.

Also, developers must make the website mobile-friendly. An eCommerce site with fast performance is preferable by voice search devices.

Visual Search Will Gain Popularity

The concept of visual search is helpful in multiple ways. It involves the examination of products through images. Here, a picture is scanned by virtue of artificial intelligence. Soon as A.I. understands the elements of the image, the search engine generates similar results.

Experts believe that 90% of the overall information transmitted to the human brain is visual. Platforms like Amazon, Pinterest, Bing, and Google rank high in visual search. Each of these showcases a set of attributes for marketing.

Customers looking for fashion or home décor products will seek to these websites. Advertisers must add alt-text to pictures and optimize their size and titles.

Mobile Search Will Generate Traffic

Successful digital marketers from the previous year will have an idea about mobile search. It is necessary to understand the importance of mobile SEO. With the rise of smartphones and advanced use of voice search, it is essential to develop a mobile-friendly website.

One must focus on the mobile version of its eCommerce platform. Also, Google prioritizes mobile indexing of webpages now. Henceforth, it is necessary to have a website that looks better on smartphones.

Remember, a website with low quality mobile version may lose ranking on the desktop too. Writers must structure their content accordingly.

Featured Snippets Will High Rise

Snippets have been modernized in recent years. Nowadays, targeting featured snippets is an essential strategy. For the SEO trends in 2020, advertisers must master the different types of snippets. Applying this trick rightly will control how much of your content will appear on the SERP through snippets.

As per digital marketers, it is estimated that featured snippets bring more traffic in comparison to the first organic search result. You can understand these as nutshell summaries of articles that appear at the top of a Google SERP.

Besides this, rich snippets tend to gain higher clicks than normal ones. It is because these have structured data and share more information with the users.

Video Marketing Will Take Control

This year, videos will still continue to grow in the digital marketing industry. It is no doubt that customers are attracted to visual content. As mentioned above, the visual search is one of the latest SEO trends in 2020.

A huge percentage of customers agreed on how videos helped them in buying products. Likewise, the different types of promotional, explainer, and product videos can be optimized for search engine optimization. While YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the web, using it can be helpful.

Marketers must optimize their videos with accurate schema tags. It is better to take help from multiple platforms and use proper captions.

BERT Algorithm Will Become a Priority

The era of today is that of artificial intelligence and robotics. For this reason, Google has launched Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT). It is an algorithm for a better understanding of natural languages.

By implementation of BERT, Google will better understand the meaning of words in a sentence. Also, it will focus on the nuances of a context. Henceforth, advertisers must optimize their content accordingly.

The E.A.T parameter is meant to be studied by all writers and content marketers now. It revolves around Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Thus, an expert writing for a high authority site with massive backlinks is all you need.

Sure, Websites Will Enhance Engagement

Advancing technology is positive and equally negative. The rise of cybercrimes is undeniable, and users tend to run from dangerous websites. It is necessary to have a secure eCommerce site for improving user experience.

Owners must enable the HTTPS protocol for their websites. It provides a secure connection that is authenticated as well as encrypted. Customers feel safe with this feature, and no intruders can hinder your communication with the website.

Only because Google wants to provide a secure browsing experience to all users, your site can undergo an SEO boost. Also, it is your responsibility to protect the privacy of users.

Final Words

These are some popular SEO trends in 2020. You will see more of these in the upcoming years. Nonetheless, for now, focus on the above ones and help your business grow.

Author bio: Steve Martin is a Professional Content Writer and Digital Marketer. Also working with online coupon codes providing platforms. He’s an expert in digital marketing, content marketing, and lead generation.


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