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Top 3 Benefits for Choosing a Freelance SEO Consultant

So many people are pretty overwhelmed when it comes to SEO. WIth strategies, techniques, and tools changing so rapidly many opt to hire an SEO expert. An expert should know all the ins and outs of SEO strategy, the latest developments in the digital marketing space, not to mention have loads of impressive case studies. In this bit, we will be discussing the many benefits of hiring a freelance SEO consultant. 


Benefit #1: You Don’t Have To Do It All 

One of the first things CMO’s say after outsourcing there SEO is “finally I don’t have to do it all”. Although it costs money to hire a freelance SEO consultant, marketers know that it is well worth it. Here are just a few things you will no longer have to worry about when you hire an SEO expert: 

  1. Analysis – thanks to your SEO expert you will receive excellent analytics helping you increase traffic, understand and change things to suit customer needs, keywords, and much more 
  1. Techniques – if you were worried about using the latest techniques than hand it over to your SEO guy and let him do it for you.  
  1. Juggling all the different aspects of SEO – from local to technical, content and analytics your SEO expert can take your business to the next level while you get to reap the rewards 


Benefit #2: Helping You Make a BIG Splash 

One of the best times to invest in SEO is when you are first getting started. These days start-ups have a small window of opportunity and SEO can make or break that. Using local SEO,  

This is the same for small to medium-sized companies who need to scale their business. Using a Freelance SEO Consultant will help you capture your targeted market and drive that organic traffic to your site. They will also optimize your site for responsive and desktop users. This increases conversions and loyalty.  


Benefit #3: Taking your Biz to the Next Level  

You may have been in business for years or months but if you really want to get to the next level using an SEO expert will get you there. Here are just a few things they can help your company with: 

  • Technical SEO – this will optimize all te tech components of your site so that you are 100% mobile-friendly as well as improving URL structure (2 major parts of SERP rankings) 
  •  On and Off-Page SEO – Fixing visual content and HTML so your site looks great and boost site ranking. As search engines consider your value using off-page SEO will provide you with backlinks attracting new visitors to your site via blogs and social media.  
  • Page Speed – a visitor to your site will hang around for about 3 seconds. This means if your page loading time is slow your customers are leaving before they even look around. Your SEO expert will remove large files and compress images and more to increase load time 

Bonus Tip: Content is so critical when it comes to SEO. Make sure you have read and looked over the SEO content. This copy should be educational, informative, and an enjoyable read for your customers.  



If you want to really take your business to the next level using the latest SEO technique is the way to go. By finding an expert SEO consultant you can remove this aspect of your marketing efforts over to a freelancer to increase rankings, get more visibility and traffic and optimize your site. Whether you are a start-up trying to be ready for your launch or a seasoned business looking to scale and reach new customer a freelance SEO consultant can do it all and more! 


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