6 Benefits Of Automated Direct Debit Billing For Your Business

Direct Debit Billing

Let’s be clear: for any self-employed person or company that is dedicated to face-to-face sales or online sales, intelligent billing management is a challenge: it involves paperwork, time-consuming and headaches. If only it could be avoided!

Hence, an online billing program is presented as a (smart) solution to solve such a challenge: it does not involve paperwork; it just takes time and being automated, the headaches are few. And no, billing cannot be avoided, as it is mandatory. Direct debit services is an important option to use, especially for billing.

A Billing Program Against Paperwork And Time Consumption

Counting paperwork and time-consuming billing may seem like a contradiction. Well, invoices – and making invoices – involve paperwork and, indeed, take time.

A Billing Program Will Help You Automate The Billing Of Your Sales

When using a billing program, however, both the paperwork and the time spent on billing are reduced to the minimum expression, so if you go for face-to-face sales, it is time you learn to invest in your customers.

And if you are dedicated (also) to online sales, you save on paperwork and can automate the sales and billing processes more easily.

Synchronize Sales With A Billing Program

However, the strongest point of having an automated debit billing software is to be able to synchronize sales – both face-to-face and online – with your billing.

When synchronizing automated debit billing software with your automated debit billing program, your sales will be automatically recorded in your accounting. Let’s take the following example: your client wants to pay you from the card for the service you just provided. Well, he doesn’t have to pass his card through the machine, because he is already charged for it.

If you also use a separate billing program, you can synchronize that sale with your billing: that is, as soon as you receive the payment by your card reader, the payment will be­­ recorded in your billing so that you save time having to register the transaction manually.

And the same if you decide to go with online sales. you send the invoice to your client, and he has the option, on the same invoice, to pay with a card online. The payment is then automatically registered in your billing program and reconciled with your corresponding invoice. With an automated debit billing program and software, you will gain more control over your sales billing.

Processes That Automates A Billing Program Integrated With Your Sales

Continuing our previous example, by using a billing program and integrating it with automated debit billing software, you will automate the following processes:

  • Your customers’ payments will be automatically integrated into your billing program.
  • Each payment of your customers will be linked to your respective invoice (as long as you have issued the invoice).
  • The correlation of the numerical series of invoices – mandatory according to the Tax Agency – is automatically given when creating an invoice, without having to do anything.
  • The invoice template should not be created from scratch: you already have an invoice template with all the legal requirements, which you can also design with your business logo.

You can record your activity expenses with a simple photo (using the mobile app).

The bank reconciliation between collections and invoices is automatic: when registering the payment, the application links it directly to your corresponding invoice.

Together, this integration will allow you, in addition to great time savings, greater control of your sales and billing.

Automation Of The Accounts Payable

Automate the process of accounts payable guarantees the ability to perform agile and efficient payment management, optimizing all the phases required for this process.

How would it work?

From the moment in which there is a need for purchase, it is checked whether the budget allocated for the purchase is required, several proposals are requested from suppliers, the proposal is approved, the selected supplier is notified, and the purchase is received. Then it is validated that the merchandise or service received is the one agreed upon, the entry into the system is registered, the invoice is received, the invoice data is extracted, its validation is carried out. Finally, the accounting record of those amounts that were invoiced in the ERP system is produced, payment can be controlled and executed if the system requires it.


The objective is to ensure that the entire process mentioned above is carried out more effectively and efficiently, minimizing the necessary human intervention and delegating to the system tasks that are normally more likely to generate an error.

In this way, you can dedicate your time and effort to other tasks that really require your talent. In short/medium term, the automation of the accounts payable process means saving both human and time costs and allows you to be much more efficient and productive, practically reducing the margin of error to zero.

The manual management of the process of accounts payable prevents the prompt availability of the relevant information on the invoices and payments, and also delays its sending to the suppliers, affecting the business relationship that you have with them. A bad relationship with suppliers generates a large number of queries related to the status of payments, a factor that once again slows down the workflow of any organization. It often involves a bottleneck in many administration departments, which, through automation, would be easily avoidable. In the same way, late payments exclude companies from discounts for early payment, which implies an additional expense, which if we extrapolate to a flow in which many invoices are handled, implies a high cost for the income statement of your business.

Advantages Of Automating The Accounts Payable Process

There are many benefits of automating the process of accounts payable in your company. Modernizing the process used to interact with suppliers offers the following advantages to organizations:

Process for more effective cash planning

Elimination of duplicate payments

Acceleration of closing processes

Reduction of administrative and operational costs

Process up to 65% faster

Faster payments to suppliers, benefiting from the discounts for early payment they offer

The problem of inappropriate or lost invoices is eliminated

Invoice management without purchase orders

In addition, as an added value for the proper functioning of your accounting department, traditional obstacles are eliminated in this type of procedure such as delays, lack of visibility and control over the process or difficulty in recovering data effectively when required.


With an automated debit billing program, you will save time with the management of your business, so that you can invest more energy in the productive part. In addition, it will help you synchronize your sales with your billing, thus simplifying both processes. Finally, an automated debit software allows you to automate and streamline other processes, such as the management of your expenses or the bank reconciliation of your invoices.