IQ Option Download for PC

If you’re an online trader or aspiring to be one, the first thing you are going to need is a reliable platform. The online trading platform you’re going to use has an immense impact on the outcome of your trades. A good enough platform can ensure a smooth trading experience, and the less complex the setup is, the more beneficial it will be for new traders. So, choosing a trading platform is equally crucial for any trader, be it an amateur or a professional.

Todays’ market is going to offer you lots of options to choose from in the field of online trading. So, before selecting any of them, you should do research thorough enough to see if the features you need most are readily available on the platform you wish to trade with. In this regard, I would like to assist you by giving a brief description of one of the largest online trading platform in function – IQ Option. This platform is currently leading in the market because of its out of ordinary trading features, and beginner-friendly design.

This article is going to be all about why you should choose the IQ option and how to download the iq option for pc.

Why choosing IQ option for pc will prove to be right for you?


  • Very easy to use and faster, you won’t have to open your browser and wait for the website to load every time you want to trade or inspect the market.
  • It works as a one-stop place for every binary options dealer. Trading will be just one click away. No time limit also, trade, and log in anytime you wish.
  • You can contemporarily use nine tabs of trading chart via this app.
  • As a beginner, you might feel cornered with all the tools and indicators that traders use during a trade, but you can quickly start studying them with the tutorials that this software provides can be beneficial to use. Learn about them before going live.
  • Easy withdrawal and investment through your bank credit card.
  • Numerous cryptocurrencies for traders to trade with, including popular ones such as Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Etherium, etc.


How do you download IQ Option on PC? 

The pc software for IQ option runs independently from the website – making them lightweight and fast on service delivery. The software also is reliable, secure, and in sync with the web browser version, so you can see trades done by smartphone app or website on your desktop app and also participate in trade with them. Down I’m going to explain step by step on how should you install IQ Option on your computer step by step.

  • Before you go and start download, you need to see if your device meets the criteria to run IQ option in it. Depending on your OS, you’ll have to fulfill different system requirements. For windows, it has to be 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. Over 130mb hard disc space and a 2gb ram, but the software works better with a 4gb ram. And a video card of DirectX 9 or above.

To install IQ Option in MacOS, you will require at least Yosemite 10.10, video card OpenGL 2.0 or more advanced version, ram 2 GB, and hard disc at least 130 MB.

  • Open your web browser and search for IQ option for pc, an obvious step, of course. Then as the results come, go to the official download page of IQ Option. You can download it free of cost. Or you can also redirect to the download page from the IQ option homepage. That wraps up the first step.
  • Then, you’ll see two options to download from, one if you own a macOS and the other for windows. Iq option would trigger a download by itself upon detecting the operating system. It will download with .msi extension for windows and .dmg extension on macOS.
  • Find the installer file in your computer and install it like you do while installing any other software. Click on it; a setup interface will show up, click install, and when it’s done, click finish.

Now, it is launched on your computer. You can start trading using this right away. But of course, you will have to log in to your trading account at first. Just as you enter the software, it will require you to log into your account – if you have traded from the website before, you should already have a trading account. If you do not have one, then you will have to sign up, which you can pretty easily by filling out the form.

Nonetheless, it would be best if you kept in mind that, by signing up and agreeing to trade, you are putting your capitals at probable risk, because there isn’t a guarantee that you will win every time – and you won’t. So you have to consider future losses and how much are you willing to lose. So, start to trade while knowing the risks and refrain from investing capital in an amount you can’t afford to lose. So I’d recommend like anyone would do to a beginner – using a demo account first.

Problems you might face while installing:

  • If you find the installation restricted by your computer’s antivirus, then the next step would be to update it and exclude IQ option from the antivirus’s list. That should work.
  • There is a required criterion for your device to meet if you want this software to run smoothly. Suppose the video driver is not supporting the software installation, which means the current video drive configuration does not support the software. Visit its manufacturer’s website and see if there is an update for the driver of your video card – download it. If it still doesn’t help, seek technical help.

As long as you’re not a resident of the countries restricted by IQ option, you won’t face any problems that can’t be solved. You can also download the IQ Option app on your smartphone to keep an eye on the market, for when you don’t have your pc with you. While designing, IQ Option thinks of the ease of traders and them having better experiences. Therefore, install it and start gathering your own.


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