Convert Videos from MOV to WMV

Are you facing any problem while playing a video? If yes then you must be looking for the reason why you are encountering such a situation. Check whether you are facing this particular problem while playing all the videos or while playing only a particular video. If you are facing the problem while playing certain videos then this may be due to the file extension format. The video that you are not able to play is in MOV format and your phone supports WMV format. In that case you can use Uniconverter who will convert the videos from MOV to WMV format.

Errors faced while playing videos

The most common problem that a user faces is the compatibility problem. This means that the video is available in some other format and your phone is supporting some other format. For example, in this case, the file is in MOV format and you need it in WMV format. So for that you need to change it in the WMV format.

  • Presence of virus

At times you are not able to play the video in your phone because of the presence of virus in the file. Due to the presence of the virus in the video file, the file has got corrupted and because of this reason you are not able to watch the video.

Rectifying the errors

If the video is quite important then you might be looking for some solutions that will help you in such situations. You can definitely look for uniconverter which is a kind of software that helps in converting the videos from MOV to WMV format. After converting the videos, you will be able to watch it. To do that you need to continue with the process that is discussed below.

  • Downloading the converter

You need to first download the converter so that you can convert the video in the WMV format. To download uniconverter you need to click on the software and then download it. After completing the downloading process, you need to move to the add files button.

  • Add the file and select on the format

Then select on the video files that you wish to convert in the WMV format. After that you need to select on the WMV format so that the conversion can take place.

  • Changing in WMV format

After that you need to select on the convert option so that all the files can be converted that you wish to watch it in the WMV format. In this way you will not miss out any video that is having the important details.

Why uniconverter is considered to be the best?

Uniconverter is the first choice for all the people who convert the videos to the desired format. This is because of the features that the uniconverter possess. Some of the factors are discussed below which you can have a look at if you want to know about it.

  • Image converter

There are a lot of video converters in the market but the features that the uniconverter is having is different from the others. There are some images which you are not be able to open it in the device. This is because of the file extension that is not allowing you to open the file in the device. Image converter is a feature of uniconverter that helps in converting the image to the desired format so that you can look at the image.

  • VR converter

VR video is the new thing in the market and uniconverter also helps in making VR videos. Making VR videos is not at all easy with any video converter but when it comes to uniconverter the process is quite easier. This option is also not available in other video converters.

  • DVD toolkit

If you are going to burn any DVD or make any DVD then uniconverter is the best option. This tool allows you to make the best DVD files. It also helps in providing a lot of templates for DVD and you can also edit the files that are there in the DVD as it has a built-in editor to do the process.

The competitors

There is a list of video converters in the market such as Movavi Video Converter, HandBrake, etc but uniconverter is successful in occupying the top position in all aspects. It not only helps in converting a video but also downloading, recording and converting a video. You will fall short of words when you start comparing uniconverter with any other video converter. It is one of the best converters that has been quite popular among most of the people who watch videos regularly. It also helps in converting a video into an audio format so that you can listen to it.


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