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The Best Anti Phishing Software Money Can Buy

With the world getting more advanced and intellectual, the virtual crime mafia is getting stronger at the same pace. Especially the fraudulent dealings in money matters have been most active. Over the last decade, Phishing technique has gained a major boost for monetary offence over internet. And thus, more and more anti-phishing start-ups have been established to combat this online nuisance. It is the practice of routing fake links and emails to get one’s confidential information such as credit card details, passwords, personal information etcetera. Since they are showing off as popular, trustworthy firms, people are most likely to fall into the scam and that’s why we’ve got the best anti phishing solutions for you. Remember that avoiding clicking such emails is the initial step but not the only solution because the problem anyway begins when you or your employees end up clicking one somehow. In case, PhishProtection, a well-integrated cloud-based suite for email protection is your ideal anti-phishing software with its capability to totally induce into your system an advance threat defence within ten minutes against every sort of malware, ransomware, spoofing, spam, CEO frauds, impersonation, and the most dangerous, spear phishing.

Fortunately, this anti-phishing service doesn’t feel heavy on your bank accounts unlike other anti-phishing software today. This anti-fraud tool goes easy on all devices and operating systems. Compatible with Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Linux, this service needs no plug-in and additional hardware and software to configure for enabling the safety.

Since your Office 365 is found vulnerable against vicious threats, the anti-phishing service thankfully comes in built-in within gives an upgrade to the cloud network against security attacks by using identity threat detection algorithms and machine learning. You as an administrator simply need to setup ATP anti-phishing policies therein.

Not only Office 365, other on-premises servers and hosted email systems like G Suite, Zimbra and Exchange Servers, etcetera as well Linux and Windows based mail computers and servers, all are benefitted by this system protection geek.

With the mission to be compliant with global response to the cyber offences along with others, it ensures research and data exchanges and proliferates mass awareness to the threat. By following a clever trick of feeding data back to the list and data outsourcers, it spots out new warnings and security eruptions rather swiftly. No wonder why it is widely known among customers as the best anti-phishing software. With 24/hours of technical assistance, mean time reporting notifications, rapid alerts and quick actions taken as a response, need of no contracts, affordability including full price transparency, anti-phishing toolbar that maximizes the protection when complemented with your antivirus program, and a dashboard for tracking activity and email views, PhishProtection rocks it all.

Apart from being aware of the doubtful links and avoiding clicking them, we advise you to separately check such websites yourself that the links mention instead of direct opening no matter the source comes from an upright name. “Better safe than sorry” is our mantra. An up-to-dated firewall is yet another lead to digital safety and efficiency. But even if you miss out on the above measures, no problem, PhishProtection will take care of it. When it is there, actually you don’t have to be worried about anything. At all.

Hence, the real time link click protection, malicious attachment blocking, smart quarantine protection system, display and domain name spoofing protection, and simple dash board control panel are the key PhishProtection features that credit it as a pool of the best anti-phishing software and solutions that your money can buy.


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