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5 New LG TV Technologies That are Changing Users’ Watching Experience

Individuals nowadays are on the lookout for a fully immersive TV watching experience. TV manufacturers have thus obliged to fulfill such requirements by adding new technologies that not only enhance the viewing experience but also wrap a viewer into the narrative.

LG Smart TV has been one of the frontrunners in this regard, adding several technologies that provide an unrivalled picture and sound quality to viewers. Mentioned below are five of these new technologies that are revolutionising the television watching experience of many customers.

5 New LG TV technologies to look out for

1. ThinQ AI

LG, being one of the leading TV brands in India, was among the first companies to integrate AI to OLED TVs to enhance the home entertainment experience. While ThinQ has been part of several LG appliances, its addition to LG OLED TV has improved how users interact with technology.

This AI allows individuals to voice control settings on the TV, discover additional content via OTT applications, turn subtitles on/off, launch console, and a lot more. Individuals can also access a gallery app to play a slideshow of photos.

2. Alpha 9 processor

The internal OLED intelligent processor α9 provides enhanced computational efficiency along with increased memory as compared to older models. This new processor is capable of computing additional advanced tasks within no time, resulting in crisp and vibrant image quality and overall performance.

There has also been a significant enhancement in the noise reduction process, while the advanced colour mapping also leads to more natural colour reproduction.

4. Perfect Black

LG removed the backlit unit in its LCS and LED models and switched to the independent pixel technology. Now, based on the displayed picture, individual pixels can be turned on or off, which prevents any white light from bleeding through and distorting the colours.

This feature results in a larger contrast ratio, allowing LG Smart TVs to achieve Perfect Black colours that accentuate other colours. Individuals can experience a true-to-life image quality with vivid cinematic colours.

5. NVIDIA G-Sync

NVIDIA G-Sync paves the way for smooth and lag-free gaming using a variable refresh rate technology. If a PC gamer has an NVIDIA GPU plugged into their computer, he/she can connect a PC to an LG Smart TV to enjoy the benefits of this feature.

This technology synchronises a TV’s refresh rate with the frame rate of a game or device to enhance how a user perceives images on the panel. The addition of G-Sync to one of the leading TV brands in India will be a game-changer for users who seek a truly immersive experience.

Filmmaker mode

On older TV units, motion technologies would insert artificial frames to display 24Hz content on a 60Hz screen. This feature was terrific for sports content but a disaster for movies produced at higher refresh rates.

Filmmaker mode overrides such motion smoothening and ensures that viewers get the authentic cinematic experience as intended by film creators.

Despite several remarkable features that LG TVs bring to the table, individuals may still need to spend a substantial amount to grab one of the high-end OLED TVs for a truly immersive experience.

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While LG Smart TVs have actively tried to improve the home entertainment experience, there are many more upcoming technologies on the horizon to look out for, like HDR10+, Hybrid Gamma Logging, and 8K. As a customer, make sure to weigh in various features before deciding if the integrations in a selected product are ideal for you or not.


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