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Advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters


Choosing a vehicle for comfortable movement around the city and beyond, every rider wonders what kind is better and why. In this article – about the features, advantages, and disadvantages of electric scooters, which not so long ago firmly entered the life of the population. It will help you to compare the presented eco-friendly transport on the market and choose the right one for yourself on the website Evxstore.com.

Today electric scooters are not just an exotic toy, but a convenient mobile transport. It is suitable for daily movement on urban and suburban roads. For you to understand how good an electric scooter is as a vehicle, we offer to study its advantages and disadvantages.

Electric scooter: the advantages and disadvantages of the unit

De facto electric scooters are a more affordable alternative to scooters with an electric motor. Their performance characteristics are similar, they allow you to quickly get from point A to point B without traffic jams and long waits. However, scooters are more useful for health, because it is possible to move on them and a mechanical way, pushing off the leg. And this is already a full-fledged physical workout for the rider.

Considering the advantages of an electric scooter, we are talking about units for adults. So, to their pluses can be attributed:

Economy. First, you can save money on the purchase itself. You only need to choose a model that is suitable in price and quality. Secondly, there is no need to spend money on public transport, gasoline for refueling, car service, car insurance, taxes, but only to charge the battery for 4-6 hours and travel comfortably at any time of day.

Accessibility. The electric scooter can be used by adults and children, advanced riders, and older people who do not have special driving skills. Master this vehicle can everyone for 1 day. Many models have a speed limit mode, which allows you to confidently entrust the wheel even to an 8-year-old child. In addition, the use of the unit does not require a special driver’s license or registration at the traffic police, if the model has powered up to 250 watts.

Safety. The machine is characterized by increased stability on the road – it is very difficult to fall from it even for an inexperienced user. In addition, some three-wheeled models confidently overcome even steep hills and uneven pavement. It is only important not to start abruptly, do not squeeze the throttle lever or brake.

 Maneuverability. The machine will go where a car, motorcycle or moped can’t because of its dimensions or traffic regulations. It completely gets rid of standing in traffic jams, overcomes bumps and even shallow snow. It can pass through the narrowest streets, among obstacles, any pedestrian area: sidewalks, parks, squares, yards.

Like any kind of transport, scooters with an electric motor have disadvantages. So, the main disadvantages of electric scooters:

Impressive weight. The average weight is 25-45 pounds. However, some devices reach 100 pounds in a complete set. Such a load is still very difficult to lift the stairs, especially for girls.

Restrictions on the time of use. The optimal time of year for riding is spring, summer, early fall. Riding during rain is highly undesirable. If the motor-wheel is submerged in water, a short circuit can occur. And riding under precipitation is uncomfortable: water soaks into your clothes and splashes in your face. In winter it is difficult to move because of the ice and snow, in addition, it is impossible to use an electric scooter in severe frosts.

Complexity and costliness of repair. After the end of the warranty period, repair work and the purchase of original spare parts will be tangible for the “purse”.


A scooter with an electric motor is an excellent urban transport. Relatively inexpensive, fast, maneuverable. It is ideal for those who are used to mobility on daily trips to work, for small purchases, to visit, for walks.