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Best gaming headset for big heads: A complete buyer’s guide.

Today e-sports has transformed into a billion-dollar industry. Without proper gaming gears, it is nearly impossible to compete against players on a global level. And therefore, you must invest in your gaming accessories wisely.

And if you are someone who has a slightly bigger head, then you can get yourself a pair of gaming headsets that are specially designed for large heads.

If you try to play games with a regular pair of headphones, then its microphone won’t fit perfectly. And you won’t be able to speak properly through your mic.

In this article, we will be sharing some important factors to consider when buying a new pair of gaming headsets for big heads.

How to Pick the Headphones style?

Not all conventional gaming headsets are comfortable for gamers with slightly bigger heads. When picking a gaming headset, you need to consider the shape, and style of the ear cups. It can either be in an on-ear or over-ear design.

1. On-Ear vs. Over-Ear Headphones 

Those who have petite ears and smaller heads tend to go with on-ear headphones. These headphones don’t cover up your ears completely and you can still listen to the sounds in your surroundings.

And gamers with bigger heads prefer over-ear-style headphones. With over-ear headphones, the ear cups fit in perfectly and doesn’t leak out any sound. They have bigger earcups and are an ideal choice for gamers with bigger ears.

2. Flexibility 

Be it any type of gaming headphones,  its headband plays a major role in giving you comfort, especially for those never-ending gaming marathons. If the headband is too tight, then it will hurt your head. If it is too loose, then it will fall off your ears.

Apart from that, if the material of the headband is too hard, it can also hurt your head and ears. Moreover, if it is too soft, it will break off easily.

Therefore, it should be flexible yet sturdy enough so that the band does not easily break off. The band of your gaming headset should be adjustable. And one should easily adjust it according to the size of his head.

3. Material and Built Quality 

The ear cups of your gaming headphones should be soft and comfortable on the ears. Many headsets come with a mesh fabric cover. It helps to keep your ears cool and sweat-free.

If you sweat a lot, then you can opt for ear cups made of fabric or any other material that’s lightweight and can easily absorb excessive sweat and moisture from your ears.

Leather or memory foam ear cups on the other hand, are more durable than mesh fabric. They help to minimize excessive noise and disturbances in the background.

4. Pros and Cons of Open Back Headphones

Open-back headphones don’t cover up your entire ear. Therefore, the sounds in your game appear more natural and realistic. The bass isn’t too overwhelming and your ears also stay cool and sweat-free.

If you live in an area where the weather is mostly hot and humid, then you can consider investing in open-back headphones over closed-back ones.

The only problem with open-back headphones is that they leak sounds. And they don’t completely cancel out sounds in your background. While wearing these types of headphones, you also remain aware of your surroundings.

5. Pros and Cons of Closed Back Headphones 

Closed-back headphones are designed to cancel out all kinds of noises and distractions in your background.

They give you a more amplified sound with a heavy bass which is perfect for playing first person shooter games.

The only drawback of closed-back headphones is that they make your ears sweat a lot. And those who have bigger heads may find it difficult to wear these headphones for prolonged periods.

To Sum Up

Whether it is shooing, strategy, role-playing, or simulation games, without proper sound, you cannot enjoy an immersive gaming experience. Today, the level of comfort that a pair of gaming headphones can give you is considered as important as the sound quality it offers. And without choosing the right pair of gaming headset, you cannot hear any shooting guns, flying helicopters, or any such background sounds which are a vital part of the action and adventure games.


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