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Crucial Tips And Tricks To Help With Spotting Fake AirPods

If you are a tech enthusiast like me, it is hard to walk outside without noticing an Apple Product. Apple Incorporated, founded in the summer of 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, it is not considered to be the most valuable company in existence. Over the years, they grew their share in the consumer electronics market, branching into smartphones, laptops and accessories.

Introduction To AirPods

Apple Inc. has been a company that has focused on innovation. They were the first company to market computers with a graphical user interface (GUI) and early hit. They were also the company which brought smartphones to the forefront of the electronics market in 2007, with the launch of the first iPhone.

However, in December 2016, Apple was about to make history in the smartphones department and change the face of the industry forever. It was in 2016, that Apple decided to release the iPhone 7, but there was a catch.

They decided to move towards a wireless future by getting rid of the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack, amidst severe backlash from tech enthusiasts. In its place, they introduced the AirPods, a pair of Bluetooth earphones that come in a smart case. Despite facing criticism for their removal of the headphone jack, Apple decided to stick with the change.

Now, as we sit in 2020, most flagship phones have decided to ditch the headphone jacks from their phones. Companies which decided to mock Apple for their decision in 2016, have followed in Apple’s footsteps and released wireless earbuds of their own. It is a testament to the foresight and innovative thinking that separates Apple Inc. from the rest.

As with a lot of products from Apple’s lineup, AirPods quickly grew to be a sensational success. As with any successful product in the tech sphere, AirPods clones and copycats quickly flooded the online market. A quick online search for best AirPods for Android will bring up a list of search results, many of them being fake AirPods.

Let us take a journey and explore the methods to spotting fake AirPods.

The easiest way to spotting fake AirPods and separating them for the real deal is by comparing them with aspects from the real AirPods. Here are a few pointers that will help you differentiate between them:

  1. Build Quality:

The first step in verifying a pair of AirPods is to check the build quality. Original AirPods manufactured by Apple are built and designed using top quality materials and have exceptional build quality. If a pair of AirPods seem flimsy or have misaligned plastic, they are likely fakes.

  1. ‘Sync’ Button on the Case:

AirPods come housed in a custom-designed case, and this case is much harder to replicate than the earbuds themselves. Each case comes with a ‘sync’ button on the back, just below the hinge.

In the original AirPods, this button is designed to have a quiet clicking sound when pressed down. However, in many of the fakes, the clicking sound produced by this button can seem loud and plastic, a telltale sign that the AirPods are fake.

  1. Packaging and The Box:

One of the easiest parameters that can be used to authenticate a pair of AirPods, is the packaging they ship in.

  • The original box for the AirPods comes wrapped in plastic and is tightly sealed. This makes it so that when you attempt to open the lid, it gently slides off. If you notice that the box is not wrapped in clear plasticor has gaps between the lid and the body of the box, it is likely fake.
  • On the original AirPods, the branding text stating the product name is on the left side of the box. If you notice that the brand name ’AirPods’ is not in this location, it is a fake.
  • Another factor to keep in mind when checking out the brand name on the side of the box is the font used and the style of printing. The original AirPods use a grey font and the texture has a matte finish.

With the search ‘best AirPods for Andriod’, we came across several products with glossy printed text on the box. If the font is not grey, or the printed text is glossy, you might have a fake on your hands.

  • Another factor that might help you in spotting fake AirPods is the supplementary text on the box. The boxes of actual AirPods have all text directly printed onto them. Another thing to keep in mind is that the text is printed in the classic San Francisco font. On fakes, the text is often printed onto a sticker, which is then pasted onto the box.
  1. Subtle Details On The AirPods:

Original Apple AirPods were meticulously designed and assembled to provide the customer with a high-quality user experience. This is an aspect that the fakes often fall short on. Here are some ways you can spot fake AirPods based on the earbuds.

  • Original AirPods only come in a pure white color. If your pair your AirPods is dull white, beige or any other color, you have a fake on your hands.
  • Original AirPods will sync with your iPhone and will show the location when the “Find My iPhone” feature is activated. Any counterfeit AirPods will not do so.
  • Authentic AirPods are optimized to connect to your iPhone very quickly. If the pairing process between the iPhone and the AirPods takes longer than 10 seconds, they might be fake.
  • Some fake AirPods come with a USB-C port attached to the charging case. You must keep in mind that all original AirPods use the ‘lightening’ port, which is Apple’s patented design attached to the charging case.
  1. Using Serial Number To Identify Fakes:

All authentic Apple products come printed with a unique serial number can be cross-referenced with Apple to check for authenticity. In the AirPods, this serial number can be found in the inside surface of the lid to the charging case. Once you find this number, you can go to their website, and reliably check if you might have purchased a fake. If this serial number is not in this location, then you have a fake set of AirPods.


There are few things more disheartening than investing your hard-earned money into a tech purchase, only to find that it is not authentic, or does not work as advertised.

We hope you found this article helpful in spotting fake AirPods. Rest assured, with these tips and tricks in mind, you will never be duped into purchasing a counterfeit pair of AirPods.


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