Damaged or Lost AirPods Pro or Their Charging Case? Here´s All the Info You Need

AirPods Pro

An owner of the ultimate must-have Apple accessory – the AirPods Pro, should have one prerequisite characteristic – responsibility. Most importantly, because AirPods Pro cost a small fortune ($259). So unless you´re financially carefree and can afford to buy new ones whenever you misplace or damage your AirPods Pro, you will probably want to take really good care of them.

But it could happen to even the most responsible of us

Even if you have taken all precautions, like picking out a colorful silicone AirPods case or a sophisticated leather AirPods case to avoid any damage, or wearing a string or ear hooks so they don´t fall out, it may happen. You may accidentally break one or both of AirPods or their charging case, or the worst-case scenario – misplace them!

No matter how careful you are, being wireless, the chance of them getting misplaced, lost, falling out, and getting damaged is much higher. In New York subways, more than 100 AirPods during one year have been found. So don´t be so hard on yourself if that happens.

So what are you looking at if you lose them?

If you haven´t set Find My app or the AirPods Pro battery has run out, you´re looking at a replacement.

With a bit of luck, you haven´t lost both of your AirPods. So you might be replacing just one, which would cost you $89. If you somehow lost both of them, that would be $178 in total. Still better than $259, right? The same price is for replacing their charging case – $89.

What about damage?

Remember that AirPods Pro are covered by Apple´s one-year warranty, though limited. The standard warranty includes hardware and 90-day complimentary support. This covers only the manufacturing faults, without any damages.

What if you are an anxious type of AirPods Pro owner, who saved up for some time to join the AirPods hype?

Then there is AppleCare+ for Headphones

This is a more extensive type of coverage, perfect for those who know they´re not the most careful person on the planet or who just don´t want to worry all the time.

For an additional $29 you get:

  • Certified service and support coverage with Apple for 2 years
  • Priority access to technical support 24/7
  • Next to headphones, coverage for charging cable and battery service (with less than 80% capacity)
  • Coverage for a maximum of 2 incidents of accidental damage coverage

What´s more, with AppleCare+ fees for replacing parts do not exceed $29!

So where should you get all of this done?

Normally, the merchant who sold you the product should be the one to turn to. If that is not possible, then you should go either to the nearest Apple Store or contact Apple Support with a serial number in hand. With their Express Replacement policy, if you´re eligible, a replacement of AirPods or the charging case will be shipped immediately. In return, you´re supposed to ship back the damaged product.

Article by Kristina Radovic.

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