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Off Road Hoverboards vs Regular Hoverboards

Hoverboards are among the most demanded commodities in recent years, and the industry is growing fast with an enormous number of variants in the market. With time it is getting trickier to catching up with the growing industry, and riding enthusiasts have to follow expert’s opinions to buy the right hoverboard. Among the variants, the most preferred are off-road and regular hoverboards. In this article, we will list down the differences and common features between the two.


Off-road hoverboards are designed to climb slopes and move smoothly on bumpy roads. Compared to that, regular hoverboards are only for paved roads and carpets, but cannot move properly on the grass and other such grounds. The maximum slope a regular hoverboard can cross is from 10 to 15 degrees, while an off-road hoverboard can go up to 30 degrees.

Motor Power 

Off-road hoverboards are heavier and bigger than regular hoverboards, so to carry the heavy frame the motor must be powerful. The off-road hoverboards have a minimum motor power of 500W, while the regular hoverboards have a motor power of a minimum of 200W. The motor power also defines how easily a hoverboard can move on rough terrains.


Another main difference between an off-road and regular hoverboard is the capacity of the battery. A powerful motor needs the support of a powerful battery. Most hoverboards have a battery of 24V, and it also depends on the type of battery. The following are the most effective battery types:

  • Li-ion Battery
  • LG
  • Lead-acid
  • Regenerative Battery

The battery timing of both regular and off-road hoverboard ranges from 8-12 miles, and some high-end regular and off-road hoverboards have around 15 miles of range.


The ideal wheel size of a regular hoverboard is 6.5 inches and is mostly pneumatic. The off-road hoverboard tires’ size ranges from 8 to 10 inches and are always pneumatic. Note that, bigger tires protect the chases from bumps, but also drain the battery quickly; therefore, off-road hoverboards have batteries that can retain charge for a longer time as compared to regular hoverboards.


When you ride a regular hoverboard on bumpy roads its speed reduces drastically, it is one of the many reasons that a regular hoverboard is not suitable for rough grounds. In comparison to that, the powerful motors of an off-road hoverboard enable it to move on rough grounds without changing the speed exponentially, so on paved and rough grounds, the off-road hoverboard is always faster than a regular hoverboard. The average speed of a regular hoverboard is between 8-10 miles per hour while most off-road hoverboards have a speed greater than 10 mph. Considering the speed, the hoverboardsgeek recommends regular hoverboard for starters and kids.


The two hoverboards are contrasting when it comes to the price; the average price of off-road hoverboards is $300. The regular hoverboards come at a price as low as $100; however, some regular hoverboards cost more than $300 because of the built quality and fancy features.

Who should get an off-road hoverboard?

The off-road hoverboards are designed by keeping adults in mind, so these heavy and fast hoverboards are not designed for kids under 12. That being said, some off-road hoverboards have multiple modes to make them suitable for all age groups, so if your kid wants an off-road hoverboard, then you consider buying a hoverboard with multiple speed modes. Plus, off-road hoverboards are heavy, so consider that, too before deciding.

Who should get a regular hoverboard?

Regular hoverboards are most suitable for kids and learners. These hoverboards are easy to ride because of the limited speed and lightweight. Moreover, regular hoverboards are fancier than off-road hoverboards because of the LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and a bright frame, so your kid may like a regular hoverboard more than an off-road one.


The regular and off-road hoverboards are contrasting on many fronts, so you must consider your intended use before choosing among them. The off-road hoverboards are designed for adults, while regular hoverboards are for kids and learners. We suggest starting with a regular hoverboard before going for the off-roading beast.


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