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Renewable Energy Gadgets Tech Lovers Will Want


Renewable energy is the solution to many of our power-related problems – including environment, cost-effectiveness, and energy conservation. But, unfortunately, not every household has the money available to install the latest solar panel system and run their homes off a green energy source.

What we can do is swap out energy-hungry gadgets and introduce some positive green energy to run our smaller devices, such as radios, mobile phones, and computers. So, if you enjoy a good gadget and want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, keep on reading. You are about to discover some inspiring renewable energy gadgets that all tech lovers will want.

Wireless zolar Keyboard

There are a lot of wireless solar keyboards on the market. They come in sleek designs and have solar panels to charge themselves from any source of light, including indoor and outdoor lights. Furthermore, depending on the solar keyboard purchased, they can hold the charge for around three months – even in the darkest of computer nooks.

Many of these solar keyboards also pack a powerful wireless receiver, meaning green does not mean delays, dropouts, and interference. It is possible to enjoy hassle-free typing and a more sustainable lifestyle. They also have long-range connections, which makes them portable and allow you to control the cast even when not sitting directly in front of your computer. These environmentally friendly keyboards will make you want to replace your current setup.

Solar Powered Security Camera

If you want to better your home security system but are short of external power outlets, solar-powered security cameras may be the solution. The camera is positioned in the location you would like monitored – such as around the home, shed roof, or garden. A solar panel connected to the camera by a cable is positioned close by where it can get plenty of sunlight.

There are some advantages to having a wireless solar-powered security system. They can be harder to detect by intruders due to less wiring required. They still work when the main power grid is down, and they are environmentally friendly.

Portable Solar Powered Speaker

When you are outside with friends and fancy listening to music, a portable speaker can help make the mood. Some of the best solar-powered speakers have double the battery power – meaning they use a combination of traditional outlet charging and solar charging. This hybrid means your speaker is less likely to run out of power.

While you are in the sunlight, the solar-powered speaker will charge and get the energy it needs to play. Then, when the sunsets or you move indoors, the speaker will continue to work as the backup battery will kick in. The backup battery times vary, but they typically last 6-8 hours, giving you enough playtime to keep going well into the night.

Solar Hat Charger

You can now buy a hat that not only protects your head from the sun but can charge portable devices while out and about. Solar hats can extend the battery life and charge the battery of mobile devices. When the sunlight reaches the proprietary solar panel on the flat brim of the hat, it generates power and can be used as a charging port.

Solar hats are surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear. They also come in a standard baseball cap design, so it will not look out of place in public. The solar bill is black with a slight blue tint, and there is an outport placed in a discrete pocket on the side of the hat.

Solar Powered Thermal Coat

If you live somewhere that gets freezing cold in the winter, you will be happy to know solar-powered thermal coats are now available on the market. They are made using a unique fabric that attracts heat – harnessing the heat produced by the sun to keep you warm.

Some of these unique solar coats can warm you up to 20 degrees in just two minutes. They are also waterproof and breathable – so you can stay warm without needing to put on multiple layers or wearing heavy, bulky jackets. With a solar-powered thermal coat, you can be cosy and warm all winter long.

Solar Bike Lock

Nowadays, cycling is becoming more popular than ever and has become a big part of everyday life for a lot of people. There is one tech company that wants to be able to facilitate the sharing of bikes between groups of people, so create a solar bike lock with smart features that allows anyone with a smartphone to be granted access.

At the top of the lock is a multi-cell solar panel, which can generate enough charge in twelve hours to provide power for the lock for around six months. Just one hour is enough to provide a week’s worth of charge. The majority of solar bike locks can be a little pricey, but if you have a bike that you would like to share with friends and family but are not always around to give them access to, this is the gadget for you.

Closing Thoughts

Making use of the sun to fuel everyday life is more accessible than ever – thanks to the advancements made by solar companies. Whether you consider yourself a tech wiz or just environmentally conscious, using the devices above can be some of the easiest and fun ways to help save the planet.