Modern cars are more often equipped with additional electronics that can make it easier for the driver to operate the car safely. Nowadays the big popularity reach energy efficient car models, all kind of hybrid cars and especially – electric cars. With no doubt cars with these features are more progressive, fuel-saving and environment-friendly.  

When thinking of getting an electric car, you must always look for the technical specifications of the vehicle to choose the best one. So in this article we will review some of the top-rated models of electric cars, that are already available for renting or buying in the market. Due to that, you also should know more about which are the best models of electric car vehicle. For more information about available models check in different locations you can just check on the site, like when you need a car at New Jersey you can just look up needed model at Dollar car rental Jersey City. This car rental are known for renting out high-quality cars and of the latest models.  

Here are some types of the best Electric Cars of 2019: 

1. 2019 Nissan Leaf

Nissan leaf was designed a year ago which made it be the best electric vehicle compared to other previous models. The vehicle is driving rewarding, extremely comfortable, and very quiet. It can also offer more ranges for the commute. The car can, however, be less comfortable when they are driven by taller drivers since their wheels don’t telescope which makes the steering be artificial. Overall, 2019 Nissan Leaf has got strengths compared to their weaknesses mostly for the ones that don’t always use chart-topping ranges.  

2. Ioniq 2019 Hyundai Electric

The Hyundai’s entry cost is much lower and it still is able to offer the available user-friendly technology. The car has got very efficient drive train which is electrical and you can also pay less to ensure it is fully charged. The car can still offer many unique features and its price is still affordable. 

3. Tesla Model S 2019

The model S Tesla is very old in its production and it is the best offering in the company. The car has got an attractive, roomy cabin which has very excellent dynamic driving with the outstanding ranges. The vehicle can be able to also stagger very fast in its straight line in accordance with the way it has been equipped. It is the best electric vehicle you can have since it is the best vehicle that has the Tesla badge S. It is among the best top rated in the ranks of the electric vehicles.  

4. 2019 BMW i3

The electric BMW i3 has the alternative of extending gas power range and this can provide great stability to all the clients that are anxious about the range. It has also got the best road interior which makes it modern and stylish and is used with the novel materials and user-friendly as well. It is the best drive for BMW too since it has the best electric drive and is best for the sports since it offers extra credits.  

5. Tesla 2019 Model X

It is the best three rows of electric vehicle which can be found. The Tesla model X has the most personality which is for another Tesla type and this is, it contains the mixed bag. It has some features like the panoramic windshield and the falcon wing-door and this makes it be the very quick SUV that can take you to your trips with the fast speed that you want. The model is so special due to all of its futures that make them unique from the other models.  

You should always select the best car rental enterprises for renting your car for your trips. Such enterprise car rentals are regarded the best since they offer among the above best electric vehicles that will help you enjoy your trip. 



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