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Ways To Shoot Faster With Your Hunting Rifle


Whether you use a long-range centerfire rifle or the rimfire rifle, being fast and accurate is the key to shooting success. So, if you don’t want to miss your target, you will have to shoot faster.

Also, it does matter if you have a perfect aim and whether you are using the best long range scope for your Creedmoor rifle. However, your success also largely depends on the time between aiming and firing the shot. Here are some ways to shoot faster and hit the target bang on.

The kneeling position is the best for shooting faster.

A hunter can assume several positions while shooting. However, the kneeling pose gives an upper hand in shooting faster with the rifle. While sitting in a kneeling position, you will use your left knee to lift yourself higher to the maximum extent while keeping your back straight. The right knee will be bent, touching the soil, while the right foot will be rucked right under your hip. You can use your left knee to support your elbows so that you can stabilize the rifle and stay with it even after firing the bullet. The kneeling position will help you regulate your breathing, and your body’s reflexes will be enhanced, which is why shooting will be faster.

Use a scope while aiming from the tree.

If you have chosen the tree branch to hide, your full vision will be obstructed, especially if you are hunting deep in the forest. In such circumstances, it is wise to use the best scope for your rifle. Having a quality scope will allow you to keep an eye on the hunting zone where you know the target will appear any time. Binoculars are also a great choice but might alert your target as you may end up making some noise. But it is not the case for a scope since the accessory is fitted right at the rifle’s top.

Get into the shooting position before the target comes in view.

Hunting takes time, and you will need to sometimes wait longer for your target to come within the hunting zone. Now here are most hunters who make a mistake. They get in position as soon as they see the target approaching but not before that. Animals have better hearing abilities than humans, and hence a slight ruffle of the leaves or your body movement will alert them. That is why if you want to shoot faster right after you spot the animal within the hunting zone, you need to get in the position early while keeping your fingers on the trigger and regulating your breathing.

Learn to sling and unsling the rifle perfectly.

Slinging and unslinging the rifle are the two most important actions that every hunter needs to learn to shoot faster. Here we had given you a brief on sling your rifle on your shoulder when not in use and how to unslung it the moment you see the target approach.

  • Slung the rifle over your left shoulder with the muzzle kept down and the scope towards the rear end.
  • It would be best if you unslung the rifle by grabbing the rifle’s fore-end using the left hand for shooting.
  • Haul the hunting rifle in a single motion right atop your right shoulder.
  • The sling must drop to the upper arm, acting as the brace you need to stabilize the rifle.


We have explained the four best ways in which one can make speedy shots. But always remember these tips would never work overnight. If you want precision in your hunting while maintaining high speed, you will need to practice these positions and other such ideas you come across.