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Best Roofer SEO Service in 2020

So you want to market your roofing business and create an online presence for your business. Online Marketing is not an easy job which anybody can do. The Internet has changed the way of marketing and now newspapers aren’t just enough to get you, customers. When it comes to marketing, you need experience. If you’re a roofing contractor and want to get into online marketing, then you’ve come at the right place. Continue reading to learn more about how to market roofer services and best roofer SEO Service.

Steps and advice mentioned in this post don’t work instantly. So, if you’re looking for a quick shortcut way to market your roofing service, it probably won’t work but you can still try. You will have to be patient because these methods will only give result if done over a long period of time.

We are going to cover these topics in our Ultimate Roofing SEO Guide.

  • Do you really need a website for your roofing business? Will it actually bring your customers?
  • Is email marketing worth your time and money?
  • Will investing in Facebook and Google Ads get you, possible buyers? And if they do work, how can you set up ads in the right manner?
  • Learn how Google Maps can be your best friend and help you in getting leads.
  • Are paid reviews on your business worth the price or it’s useless? and other related topics as well.

Let’s get started with our Roofing SEO Guide

Do you really need a website for your roofing business?

The short and correct answer would be, yes. In today’s internet age, everything happens online. Online businesses are growing at a fast rate. This also made offline stores and small business have also started taking their businesses online.

Having a website gives a sense of professionalism and trust. People will know that you are serious about your business. You won’t need a fancy looking website. It should be decent looking and help people know about your roofing business.

How to rank on Google Maps

It’s not like the early days of Google where ranking your business was easy. Nowadays, there’s too much technical knowledge required to rank on Google. Ranking on Google is tough.

So how can you rank your roofing service at the top?

SEO is the way. Ranking your new website in this competitive age is one of the toughest jobs. You will have to aim for keywords with less competition but related to your business (roofing) and publish content with that keyword. If you don’t know, how to find keywords then try a keyword search tool like Semrush. Just search the keyword, for example, let’s say Roofing. The tool will show you different keywords as well related to Roofing along with searches per month and their difficulty.

If searches are below 100, then you are probably good to go since it wouldn’t be that difficult. If you have your eyes on a keyword with searches over 100, it cannot be ranked unless you hirs someone else to do that for you.

Website Optimisations

Website Speed

Having good quality content is not just enough to get you that #1 position on Google Search. You will also need a fast website which really boosts your chances to get the top position. If your site is slow, then it will take more time to load and many possible customers might just click back and go on some other site.

Many things can make your website slow. Having a heavy theme with lots of elements is one of those. If you’re using themes, then choose a lite one which is fast. If you’re having a custom-made website, then ask the web developer to make the site optimised.

Other things you can do to increase your website speed:

  • Use plugins to optimise your site like caching plugins, lazy loader, etc.
  • Compress your image. If you’re using high-quality images, then it will increase the loading time of your site.
  • Use a fast hosting service.

Website Structure

Your website needs a proper structure. You cannot just randomly post articles and photos. Ask your web developer to create your website with a proper structure with a place to share your business images, reviews and articles.

For SEO, use Yoast or some other SEO plugin which you’d like. Even if you don’t have much SEO knowledge with these plugins you can optimise your articles to perform well in search engines.

Use headers and title in the right manner and always try to include the keyword in your title, headings and sub-headings but don’t put them so much that it would become spam.

Mobile Friendliness

Your site needs to perform well on mobile as well. Google gives priority to mobile devices first. If your site is poor on mobile, then this will affect your ranking severely. So, make sure your site is fast and the dimensions of the site fit well on mobile.

Google My Business and Google Maps

Google My Business is one of the best ways to improve your business’s online presence. Optimise the account, provide information such as an address, name, contact number, photos and link your website. This will help people to find your business on Google Maps and post reviews about your business.

Facebook and Google Ads

Ads are also a good way to gain customers. But they don’t perform well in this niche. You can still try you may get some customers but chances are low.

Other ways to improve

  • Keep your site ready for your customers. Make a contact page ready so that your customers can contact you directly.
  • Always ask your customers for review on Google and don’t forget to show them on your website. Real reviews show that you’re genuine.
  • Have a newsletter service and ask people to subscribe so that you can let them know about any new offers or posts.
  • Network locally as well. Local Networking is not dead. Make networks with other people and let them know about your roofing business. Make contacts.

Doing all of this will benefit your business and help you get more customers. With continuous effort and time, you will start ranking on Google as well.


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