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Top Recruiting Software’s in the Market

In a world where there is a lot of competition on all fronts of business, there are a lot of competition in the recruiting space. Naturally, businesses are trying to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by hiring the best candidates that are out there.

There is an abundance of tech recruiting platforms to choose from, and this post will point out a few of the top ones out there.  The list is in no particular order and keep in mind that there are other great recruiting platforms, but the list can only be so long!

Zoho Recruit

Zoho is known as a very popular all in one platform that has a CRM, integrated email functions, and many more things that would interest any technology company.

Using Zoho Recruit is a pleasure because of the simplicity and ease of use for a recruiting a staffing platform.  The Applicant Tracking System has the ability to find qualified candidates instantly, and it lets you manage resumes, job openings, and candidates very swiftly and easily.

LinkedIn Talent

When talking about recruiting in the business world, it would obviously be a huge mistake to leave out LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is the holy grail of finding talent because it is like a social media network but for professionals.

According to LinkedIn, 95% of Fortune 500 companies used LinkedIn Talent Solutions to find the right candidates in 2018.  That is a pretty astounding number and it shows that you should be considering hopping on that trend because the blue-chip companies are too.

It lets you customize your search so much that you are almost bound to find the right people in the technology space, or any space in business that you are in need of at the moment!


Even though I said that I would point out great tech recruiting software’s and platforms, this one is more geared at startups.  But since a lot of startups are involved in the tech niche, it is still a great recommendation!

AngelList is one of the leading places for people in the startup world to find jobs and even invest in companies that they see growth potential in.  Their main goal looks to be to help startups find the right recruits and to help them locate funding and investments.

Anyone recruiting for technology recruits in the startup space should not overlook AngelList.


Lastly on the list for great tech recruiting software’s is GitHub.  Any company that is going to need qualified people in the tech space should check out GitHub, because of the way that they structure their content of potential recruits.

It is like a social media platform for tech talents to post some of their work.  So, as a recruiter, you will be able to tell if someone is for real from their work before even contacting them or getting into the process!

Hopefully one of these stuck out to you and are going to be helpful in you landing amazing tech talent!


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