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Jarvis vs. Autonomous: Standing Desk Comparison

Invest in an ergonomically designed work desk and improve your productivity.

It is a proven fact that you can increase your work efficiency by well over forty percent by making a small physical adjustment. It is advisable to break the trend of sitting throughout your working day and adopt the habit of stretching your legs ever so often.

The following review aims to resolve any confusion that may arise while comparing the Jarvis vs. Autonomous standing desk brands. An office standing desk is a valuable asset while operating from home and contributes towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is reason enough to invest in one today!

Why Opt For A Standing Desk?

The main perk of a standing desk is the ability to move around while working. A standing desk is designed to work comfortably while standing. Modern desks have a provision to adjust their height so you can effortlessly switch between sitting and standing modes.

For instance, the Autonomous desks are highly functional, durable, and built to conform to quality and safety standards. You can safeguard yourself against the detrimental effects of constant sitting by resorting to such smart desk options.

Autonomous Desk Review

This one of a kind standing desk blends comfort with technology. Reviews of the Autonomous desks revealed some cool features that make it a must buy.

Highlighting its specifications first gives you the clarity you need to make an informed choice and better understand the difference between Autonomous and Jarvis models.

Smart Desk Specifications

Weight Capacity

  • Home Edition: 220 lbs
  • Business Edition: 300 lbs

You must bear the above figures in mind if you intend to add heavy loads to your work surface area.  Going above the permissible limits damages the standing desk and makes it unsafe for further use.  Should you use a heavier desktop or laptop, you have to be extra cautious about the additional load you place on your workstation.


It is convenient to adjust the height of the Autonomous desks with the controls attached to their frame. You can elevate it to 47 inches when taller or lower the height to 29 inches if on the shorter side.

This provision allows you to create a comfortable workspace and deliver your best. Moreover, these height adjustments happen instantly thanks to in-built pre-programmable settings and apply to both brands.


While debating between Autonomous or Fully desks, the price factor is a decisive consideration. The Autonomous Smart Desk 2 Home version is available for $379, whereas an L-Shaped premium model can cost up to $739. Subsequently, you will realize the marked difference between Autonomous and Jarvis price ranges.

Lift Type

  • Home Edition: single-stage, single-motor electric
  • Business Edition: dual-stage, dual-motor electric
  • Premium Edition: triple motor electric


A digital readout with four memory presets is placed on an Autonomous automated desk frame. The frame is anti-rust. Hence, it retains its original appeal for years together. With the user-friendly control panel, you can make height adjustment transitions seamlessly and quickly.

Notable Features


Autonomous manufacturers are confident in delivering a quality product; hence, they include a warranty provision. The warranty offer extends to 5 years on almost all the editions for the desk’s standing frame. The top surface also comes with a warranty of one year.

Matte Finish Surfaces

You can mix and match the standing desk base and top surface to achieve a look that compliments your space. The highly durable and stunning surfaces are scratch-resistant, and you can choose between walnut, bamboo, and white oak finishes, among others.

Minimal Noise

What stands out in the Autonomous vs. Fully Jarvis noise decibel index is the minimal sound the former emanates. The powerful engine that operates an Autonomous desk’s height cannot even be heard when activated.

Fully Desk Review

A Jarvis vs. Autonomous comparative study is incomplete without touching upon the former’s specifications and features.

Jarvis Specifications

Weight Capacity

The Fully desk can sustain a maximum of 350 lbs of weight placed on it.


You can also adjust the height of this standing desk by lowering it to a minimum of 26.5 inches and elevating it to a maximum of 45.75 inches.


Jarvis’s base model begins at $500 (approx.) and goes up to $1099. As is evident, the significant price difference is the highlight of the Jarvis vs. Autonomous standing desk assessment.

Lift Type

  • Electric, offered in both 2-segment and 3-segment versions.
  • Offered in both 2-leg and 3-leg versions, as well as a crank version.

Notable Features


On purchasing a Fully Jarvis standing desk, you are entitled to a 7-year warranty offer on its frame, electronic, and moving parts. There is, however, no warranty provided for the desktop feature.


This desk combines a natural and modern touch through the use of environment-friendly and aesthetically appealing pure bamboo. From top to bottom, the style of the desk embodies elegance and guarantees safety. Moreover, a Greenguard approval rules out the use of toxic VOC emissions.

Dedicated Control Panel

The inherently computerized Fully desk gives you the option to monitor it in a hassle-free manner. Using its dedicated control panel, you can conveniently adjust the desk’s height with an automated button. Whether you opt for Autonomous or Fully standing desk versions, this auto feature makes life much easier.


A Jarvis desk investment gives you access to a host of standing desk accessories from monitor arms to desk drawers. You may have to shell out more for fully extended legs, though. The digital keypad located on the desk’s control panel can sometimes get more annoying than operating physical buttons.

Jarvis vs. Autonomous Analysis

The listed factors throw more light on the Autonomous vs. Fully Jarvis standing desk analysis:


The Autonomous standing desk can be quickly set up in around 20 minutes. You receive the product packed in two separate containers, one for the surface top and the other with the deck frame. The instructional booklet is easy to comprehend as it has clear and concise directives to follow.

For setting up the Fully Jarvis desk, you need an Alan wrench and an L-shaped power drill. Even though the provided instructional booklet is also well-detailed with specific guidelines, the desk legs are tricky to assemble. Once you cross that hurdle, the surface of the desk is simple to screw on.

Ultimately, the Jarvis vs. Autonomous installation experience gives the latter brand an upper hand.


The Autonomous brand possesses incredible features that allow it to compete in the open market at a reasonable price capably. Its electronically customizable height is undeniably its greatest attribute. Like its Fully Jarvis counterpart, Autonomous smart desks also boast having a designated control panel located on their frame’s right side.

The buttons on the control panel help modify height positions without fuss and as per your choosing.  There is also a monitor that displays the current height of the standing desk. With impressive automated features, warranty offers, and weight carrying abilities, both the Autonomous and Fully Jarvis branded desks score a point. Their customer support is also reliable and provides prompt resolutions whenever you need to reach out to either team.

However, what is glaringly visible in Jarvis models is their lack of stability. As you raise the height of these desks, there is a noticeable wobble and rocking motion. With every height adjustment, the legs of the Fully standing desk versions become visibly unsteady.

Return Policy

An Autonomous vs. Fully Jarvis return policy evaluation is also quite revealing. A faulty Autonomous smart desk can be returned in its original packing while preserving the condition it was sent in within one month of its receipt. Only then you are entitled to get a refund. The manufacturer even compensates you for your return shipment expense.

On the other hand, you have to spend a flat rate of $50 towards return shipping charges for faulty Jarvis desk frames. Each such return request is treated on a case basis given the special shipment specifications of adjustable height work surfaces. Depending on the condition of the return consignment and the genuineness of your grievance, the Fully manufacturer takes a call on your refund entitlement.  When entitled to a refund, the brand authorities decide the amount after considering all relevant factors.

Final Verdict

From an unbiased perspective, when you are faced with a decision to pick between Autonomous or Fully standing desks, go with the former. Autonomous is a safer option because it delivers when it most matters from all the above-stated facts.

Despite its reasonable pricing, there is no compromise on safety and quality aspects. This brand has earned reputed certifications after undergoing rigorous testing on basic parameters to back this point.

Fully Jarvis standing desks fail to deliver despite claiming to have a substantial weight capacity. You cannot risk overloading them as stability is already a question mark in the case of Jarvis smart desks. Other glaring problems with them include questionable quality control and the use of inferior electronics.

Hopefully, this Autonomous desk review and Fully desk review offer you a better understanding of which among these two brands ticks your checkboxes.


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